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But kind of I don't know. I like it. No, I like it too. Yeah. J J my last winter here kind of changing on the fly because I was expecting you to have Liverpool. But you didn't. But I feel like they need to be mentioned. So I have you and me as winners from this period. You first because Liverpool correct me if I'm wrong, but when the month of December started they were what was it two points back of Manchester City for top of the table. And now they find themselves four. Points up as we exit this period and head now into January. That's an amazing turnaround one that I think a lot of people didn't see coming. Not just not And mean. I mean that is a slight against Liverpool. I mean that has you know, Manchester City are who they are. And for Liverpool to take advantage in the way that they did of Manchester City dropping points in back to back matches. I think it's huge for them. And now like we said they are in pole position. This is now their league to lose whether you want to admit that or not, and then I put me in there as well. And I felt a little bit. We're doing it after the wolves match. But ultimately, I'm trying to keep some perspective here with Spurs. And I know people are saying oh Spurs Andy Spurs the Andy Spurs e Andy, but hear me out. That's what they're saying. In the month of December Tottenham achieve qualification to the round of sixteen of the Champions League. Getting a result in Barcelona reached the semi's of the League Cup by beating arsenal in north London. Darby and moved up from fifth to third in the table and possibly may be kinda sorta find themselves on the fringes of title race. Obviously, the disappointing gets wolves is hard to get past. But it's just not a club. That's going to win every game. They are going to lose against some teams that you think they should beat and wolves is a likely candidate knowing how wolves. Play against the top six. So you look at the bigger picture you see the positive results see upward momentum. You see them playing fun football. And so I say overall that game side, I I have really really enjoyed these last few weeks of them. So I think you and I came out of this. Winter's. Yeah. Where where the real winners here. What about the losers? Would you like to go first? Yeah. Sat down in New Year's day to watch Everton LeicesteR in what on paper to my mind, at least was tasty offering I was hung over. And so two it appeared where the twenty two men playing football. It was a dire game at times and Everton were virtually indistinguishable from the last days of Kumon and a performance devoid of creativity, our competence, and the competence is the big thing. No less, there, weren't grit. But when feel Walcott's misplaced had or was bumbled. I love that word. It's the only way to describe what Michael Cain. Did. I thought that was more on keen than Wolcott. Oh, andrew. Yes. Obviously, he should still. But it's a terrible header it was so much power on on that way. What's wrong? Which wasn't on purpose because it was right at Qian's feet and Keene. Just like then made a mess of it. There's no way that could have been a perfect many times. I was trying to determine if Wolcott meant to do that or not or he is extra corners in his head that it's just gone off at that angle. Bumbled by Michael Cain, Pereira points with variety through the score. You knew all you knew Andrew. There was little or no chance of Everton. Rescuing this one winning it for the Toffees since the crossbar tackle Jordan Pickford at Anfield. They were wretched and back back to fades away at Brighton on home to LeicesteR..

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