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Is I. Don't know what this is, but this I got to fucking weed from fucking urban trees the other day. Multiple this the we gave Chris son, to get over fucking Kovic and the stand. That's how good this year this. Not Deck about deck about a week later it's after school. I knows days. I used to go to school to three. Change and shoot up to the bar would cut through the woods, shoprite and walk nine blocks to my mother's bought and I'd earn I. Talk Put away. I play stickball outside I get a slice of Pizza Pinos pizzeria. fucking. Sandwich shop what I choose to go up there and one that walked in and all those Cuban business owners the sitting that. The one guy's name was sad pussy buoyantly. AM fairly a bunch of Cuban owners. And they're talking about what's going to happen to be dumb talking Cuban cop. And then make you nervous you just you just recognized. I just was like faulk. These. Cuban this Cuban guy is getting under the skin. I won the what's that? What's the move here? Wonder what the move is? There's all these guys talk a good game. I won the what the fuck and move here is. I heard him saying he's got to go for Kim. Thought that the DOT. And not even a week later, and I wasn't. A sixth grade wasn't libidos glasses I remember when I got a class that. The teachers were talking in the hallway. I went home, and I thought something had happened. I got on my bike that day. I didn't even have a chance to cut through the woods and I rode my bike up, which was nightmare in those days. You got those monster. Hills North Bergen. And I got up there when I walked in all those Cubans are solid Brayton. Drinkin- Falcons Norton, and that like they shot the cop last night at rapid taxi, I guess he went to make a payoff, and they fucking wooded bullet riddled this motherfucker that. An, my friend Mario Arias was Mas Vegas he's friends with the guy that was in the cop put car with him. For reason, the COP car could nope, not that the car got jammed. That's where I get to help his fucking friend Oh. They just put a statue up of that cop about. Two or three years ago, maybe they showed a picture of his son with the statue up in Jersey. Jersey But that crime. Changed the face, a union city, they closed my mother's bar. Because things had to happen because that. COBB got killed, but the cops didn't really they they. They caught a Panzi. They arrested a Panzi maybe around. Mile Away with gun to this car. And they arrested him for the. Then the right guy. Is Crazy. And I know forgot. That's when I realized that. Some people. Don't fuck around. Well not only that they go after fucking guy. They went after an undercover cop. I mean that's. All this stuff is showing me like you always hear like the always heard like. Oh, the Jews could could've taken over or like the back when we had slaves here like if they there was so many of them that they could have taken over if rebelled and stuff. Like what with the amount of people that are protesting? Those cops were scared. Everyone wanted to attack every detective in L. A.. Every cop is on the job applications that have been canceled. Every police officer is at work minimum twelve hour days crawling. Police gear if you're a detective, all those cases have been dropped. I know for a fact that preparing Hudson county park on Tuesday. In New Jersey northern New Jersey Newark had hard time last night. From all this you know. This is what people that was a micro situation. Yeah, that was one that they didn't even let it slip. And I'll tell you what the cops never really prosecuting they but because. Of the problem. Now they would dealing with a problem. This guy's fucking apart fucking shit. We're all making fucking nice little cash shaking down. These Cuban bookies nobody saying not not even them. They know that there's a price to fucking pay then not even complaining that happy. They buy us a drink. They offer male. They don't want to go to jail either. Make it as a harmless fucking vice, nobody's getting raped in the ASS nobis getting fucking Harvey Nobody's GonNa Bookmakers armless combines. There is a degenerate gamblers that's when it becomes a vice naturalness, theft and stuff that and I've been there. He's My rob Michael Julius. Them Bookie, right? You know money so I do get aspect of it. But. I don't even know fuck. No but I think that's. What you're talking about Jews nine hundred and the protest had no idea all I know is that. There's one police officer for four hundred thirty two fucking people now, I. DREW THAT'S TRUE That's the that's the allow police. To people ratio at National Guard dot calling them for the National Guard is he and I WANNA. Thank by the way a lot of people reached out to me last night on facebook and twitter check in Hawaii I even wrote a couple fucking jokey poos last night because. I was watching the fights. But at the same time I was switching over. To the riots and I couldn't believe what I was saying. And when they were talking about the fair tax district, and then a friend of mine called me and he goes hey. Are you busy? I know he goes. I met down the candidates to get a sandwich bring. That was a joke that shit was going on in front of Canada's yeah. So Canada's is a old Giudicelli that Sinatra fucked and leader for that. You know like everybody got the dixie that. Whatever. But that's you know when I was in my poor wife, I looked at her face. Because my poll, wife qualities yeah three weeks ago in Hollywood, because you see that big glass right that Hollywood choose. That has begun does ever write. I think they'll be ride and she goes. Eventually these people can't keep living like this. That's button and not and some rioters. God's Blessing Mad Masks I. Ask. It's a good time that was blocking masks. Fuck, mascot that was some Luna's had Dick on, had nothing on. But back to the store with my mother taught me. Like that scared me. My, that situation scared me. Let me know that somebody could disappear that fast. Yeah..

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