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He's almost going morals schools realize quite big engine and he's doing less sprint training now needing more volume. But that just sort of shows how the art of sprinting from physiological point of view from training point of view, still very much evolving. Still sort of trying new things everyone is yes. Yeah. It's it's it's it's a lot of fun. Hurry, the simple way to put. A lot of fun. But in some ways the Bisi rules acquired simple. Yeah. It's interesting. The he hands China there, but we're doing things a little bit differently. But look with the sprint says, it really is about being fresh the mole recovered and fresh sprint series, the foster they are. But it's the parties point with start to lose fitness unless that's what we're trying to do is coaches to keep the insurance and the sprint. So just finally carrying on Marcel if there's warn keychain significant change he will be making on the you will be making two thousand nineteen what is it? That's a hard question on K change. It's not the kind of thing you really want to be putting aside we have made some changes and. Watch watch the results. Well, Kevin Poulsen houses a big job on his hands doesn't. Hey with Marcel Kissel who is coming off a really mean. Caleb you and had had a bad season loss. You're one of the start of the year. And then went mumps amongst with winning and wanna get to Britain. But it was it was a pure year for him as he said to you Daniel a wasted year. But Kittles problems seem to cause problems with his team Kittle was in the new team and was marquee signing for catoon opposite and was put in position to to win and perform well, but but just didn't seem to have it and the job I would think to to turn things around to into Patrick lefavor the to curbing train campaign. Hayes still maintains kid'll is the best in the world of all the sprinters. But but said the Katiza basically just assumed the dropping him into the team would lead to results and LeFevre said that wasn't how it worked when? Kittle was with that. They kept the pressure on him. They may impressed on him. He had to deliver. If we're were going to dedicate the team's resources to getting into the line. And you know, I think that's whether or not in a contusion may dispute, but because he clearly in not only to the knock at the results, but he never looked happy. Really the tour is completely outsource and he had already had a bad few months, but it's interesting. They obviously signed him massive signing for them. And they think we've signed the best in the world and that we need to do. And I think that probably a lot more to it. Indeed line. I think there was some confusion and a few misconceptions star lost year about one of the the problem was with Kissel in cotija a few people pointed the finger at the lead out train. And when that really wasn't issue this. She was the Kissel was no inform was not particularly fit when he started the season and never got fit. And that's been a bit of a recurring theme or something had a couple of seasons. When issues early on in the season have blighted him them for the rest of the season. So we someone who needs to really hit the ground running needs to have a mental straight away. And then he's he's very very difficult to to be. It's going to be interesting to to see how he gets on this year with a few changes every nobles come in mostly was a great German sprinter in his day. He's gonna be working alongside Kevin Poulsen Catania opposite. And then as far as you and is concerned. I mean, he's he's going to get. A bit of about about his afire. I think the Toda FRANZ lost year. Mitchelson Scott didn't make war. I think they would probably knowledge was that mistake of of announcing the previous December that he was going to ride the Toyota France, and and whether he rested on his laurels in the spring. He certainly didn't have ticket. Good results in the spring. Didn't win a lot of races..

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