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Senior Life Journeys Presents Carol Howls let's talk dementia a podcast designed to help caregivers find knowledge power hope and small oils in their dementia caregiving journey welcome to let's talk dementia here's your host bestselling author Carol Hi I'm Karen you better thank you to National Association veterans and Families for supporting us in our ministries we help bring you free dementia education contact them for helping getting better if it's with the veterans or the spouse of the veteran their phone number's eight hundred three five to to nine one nine their website www dot in a vf dot org tell them carol sent you please check out excuse me our work at www dot let's talk dementia Dot Org and you will find link there where you can contact me with any question or comment you might have and I'd love to hear from you I don't know what's going on in my throat this morning is not being cooperative today I want to talk with you about Dr Oz you know Dr Oz off television I've watched his show several times I think aw of Americans have right I'm definitely not the minority there well dodger is is mother her name is soon a- as you in a and she was recently diagnosed with Alzheimer's read article about how that diagnosis affect the good doctor now Dr Oz by trade is a cardiologist I believe in he was so bummed out that he had completely missed the warning signs in his mom you know Alzheimer's affects six million the people in America alone and if you are listening to this podcast you are most likely.

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