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Got Kellerman and we've got Jalen rose off the top. Hi everybody. Let's go ahead and get right into. Who's off the top? Well what we're already off to a delayed start because I asked everyone how were and mess up there but anyway let's carry it on. Do we like the idea of some of this good news if the seemingly inching closer to a return but Kohner Mark Lazarie on. Cnbc yesterday said it's likely that a return of the twenty nineteen twenty twenty season would fries of two cities. Las Vegas will be the hub in the West while Orlando would be the host city in the East Stephen. Do you like the idea of the NBA SEASON. Being played out in two cities. If we can resume. It doesn't bother me doesn't bother me at all. I don't they I don't mind it'd be a divided you don't need. Everybody clustered in one location. I think that it it. It lends itself towards being a safer environment for folks to be a bit separated for some folks in Orlando some folks in Vegas as opposed to everybody in the same locale. I think it'll be easier to engage in social distancing by the way if you're in two different locations as opposed to everybody being in the same location. I sincerely doubt that it's just a player. That's going to be there that there are no family members that are going to be with them. I sincerely doubt that to be the case and so I look at it from the standpoint that you know something happening in two locations could potentially be beneficial because ultimately is going to come down to one location as the as the playoffs. Wayne and I think we all know that so. I don't really see much of a problem with it in that regard. Look I would never presume to know nearly as much about this essay the Commissioner of the NBA. Adam silver and. I'm sure they've looked at this very carefully. And one of the stated reasons for having two locations is it makes it easier everybody so but that said let me just say this one of the things. I like so much about the way Adam. Silver is handled. This is while Major League baseball in the NFL. I still believe are starry-eyed about this. Not really taking seriously enough. Be The potential strength of a second wave. Come the colder months. The idea that they're trying to get fans in the stands and off maybe could be fifty thousand fans. Even if it's twenty thousand beds steams to me to be overly optimistic. Stay the worst lease if not a little reckless. I think Adam silver looked at the sobre relief from the beginning. Okay let's get out ahead of this. Immediately they shut down the league there in the middle of their towards the end of the season you immediately shuts down the league. They start making these kind of preparations when I hear it's easier for everyone. This is what I think in order to have some semblance of normal life because of the population density of trying to cram everybody into one place it's easier to have in two locations and what bothers me about that. Is You look at the NBA Rosters? Let's see you need on average fifteen guys on a roster who need to be there and let's one person of support staff per person Jalen. You could tell me if that's more or less right or wrong. Kind of a back of the envelope. Calculation slits about a thousand people for the entirely. You WanNA say fifteen hundred okay. You can accommodate that in a vegas site very easily. It seems to me including with enough courts to play all that kind of stuff and the reason I prefer that to two separate locations is if something happens in the east to get shut down. Now what do you do? It's going to bring the whole season to a grinding halt. Anyway if you have the play offs I like much better and I think part of that because you want people to be able to live some semblance of a normal life. I think people if you WANNA really do this. Better get that out of their heads the idea that you can leave the bubbling comeback. The bubble I think is a bad idea. Stephen a your point about hey. Let's get right to the playoffs. There's there's some with a lot of legitimacy in that way of thinking do what you can do plan to do what you can do. Get it in now. Much stricter quarantine one location. It's not gonna be convenient for everyone. Forget about leaving and coming back into the bubble testing all the time if you do it like that. I actually think the NBA can complete their season. If not I have my doubts. I don't just like it. I love it and Max are really loved the two locations and I wanNA clarify something that I saw you guys debating. Today it would be in theory trying to play in team seven through tin in the playoff race. Which would mean you're talking about. Twenty teams ten from the West ten from the east. You divide the Western teams in Vegas the Eastern Teams in Florida. And if you think about it like that and you do that math. That's basically a hundred and fifty people. Vegas can accommodate that flora can accommodate that. And I'm talking about just players and like you just alluded to Max. You can inflate the support staff as much as you want. And it could be one thousand people and you're now dividing net into half so therefore five hundred on the east five hundred south of five hundred in the West. I think that creates the bubble that can insulate them enough and for everybody don't feel so very bad. Accommodations will be plus. It's not like it's going to be fifty people standing in a one bedroom apartment like they're going to have their paw plenty of great nations to help pull this off and I really like engaging twenty fan bases now. You have squads that were seven through tin excited about being in it. The intrigue of would if a Portland gets in. Can they up in the Lakers. Can they play against the Los Angeles Lakers? What about in the East is Philadelphia? GonNa get healthy with bead and Ben Simmons and so this creates a level of intrigue in enthusiasm and they could be a fantastic idea if the NBA Jalen. Jalen and Matt's. There is something that we did not broach and. I'm going to bring it up right now because I think everybody should be absolutely positively excited about what I'm about to say Jalen. Lean back in your seat and get ready for what I'm about to throw at you bro. Number those conversations that we've had not east not west just the top sixteen seeds the best sixteen teams and put them in the playoffs. But but the but the hesitancy was with you know if L. A. was number one hypothetically and Boston was number eight of sorry number. Sixteen that you'd have to do that. Travel well guess what you don't have to do it now if you only got two locations where they're at excuse me there's no traveling involved that right there. This is the perfect opportunity to explore number one going against the number sixteenth seed a lot of NC double A. Tournament per se the highest seed in each bracket going up against the lowest seed. And coming together that way as opposed to you know what you're a week a team in the east but to have a higher seed. You're a stronger team in the West. But you gotta lowest seed because there were so many strong teams in the West you can eliminate all of that and just have the top six feet and go from. There is the perfect time to to try that your thoughts. It's an opportunity to try all kinds of stuff playing games. You're right it. According to just record there's an opportunity here right there trade offs but also opportunity. Here's my issue with the two different locations. Even what you just said Stephen. It's easier in one location. It makes more sense now. It's the NBA has talked to health. Experts and honest decided term one separate locations in two separate locations lower. The odds that that things will go wrong right because you've you've lowered the population density of those two places. I get that but you've also doubled the odds that something's going to go wrong somewhere. I think it would be a better idea. Even even if you wanted to try to recede it that way to have everyone in the same place to have strict quarantine rules forget about leaving the bubbling coming back if you want to get rid of the rest of the regular season and just do the to ten twenty teams altogether with playing games. Fine and get this thing in. I don't think it makes much of a difference. I don't think it makes me go jalen. Well I know in black and white. The League.

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