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Dino might now. Dynamite isn't like the sticks that make big explosions that's dynamite. Dino might was an invention of the dino knights a sticky ball that they had attached to a dinosaur skin when it activated it. Put the dinosaurs to sleep long enough for them to be safely removed. I'll said said give it to me. Sir rourke hesitated then dropped the dynamite into cid's outstretched hands being careful sit. Sit nodded turned his little. Triceratops and charged the huge carnivore. It was far too busy to pay much attention to this small kid and so sit steered right under the huge dinosaurs body hurling the sticky ball of dynamite upwards is. He went as he raced to safety. Sorority activated the dynamite and the enormous media suddenly became very sleepy within moments. It was fast asleep. Sprawled across someone's shiny new truck work. Everyone said sircar. Las raising his fist in triumph. Especially you sit. Said serarch was very brave. Thank you said said. He was feeling tremendously proud to have helped the dino knights of you wonder where all the dinosaurs come from. All the time said lady alice. All we really know is that it's happening more often. You've truth be told said sir. Carlos were beginning to struggle to keep up with sircar. Las didn't finish speaking because he was interrupted by another great dinosaur. Roar striding around. The building was another carcharodontosaurus. The three dino knights reacted straight away moving their own dinosaur rides into a defensive position but sid hit never taken part in their training so he stayed right where he was and that gave him a glimpse of something. Strange down the side of the school. Right where this new dinosaur had just appeared from while it and the dino nights squared up to one another sit urged his triceratops towards what look like up black circle. Was that how the dinosaurs had arrived. If it was the circles didn't hang around for long as nobody had reported seeing one. I need to be quick. Said sid and urged his triceratops through just as the black circle blinked out of existence sit had arrived and only large room of strange machinery. It wasn't like any technology he'd ever seen before up above he could see movement as figures moved around the walkway. It was then he realized he was actually in some kind of pit presumably to keep the dinosaurs that being sent through the circle away from the people above suddenly one of those people was leaning over the walkway and pointing at him. There is a manny down there. It screeched moore faces peered over the edge and it dawned on sid that he wasn't looking at humans but dino people up above they went into panic unsure of what to do this intruder the machines around sid drummed into life and a fresh black circle appeared behind him with nowhere to go and not wanting to be captured sit turned his triceratops around and charged back through. Sid shouted lady alice. Why did you go. We would terrify you've been eaten. The three dino knights were now stood guard next to enormous sleeping carnivores. I think i just found out where the dinosaurs coming from. Explain sid and he told them about the strange machines. And the dino people that controlled them. The dino knights listened fascinated. Why are they doing it or car. Las they clearly don't like humans if they're going to all that trouble said serarch. I think we can expect more terror from these dino people which means we're going to need more help suggested lady. Alice definitely said sircar loss. But we call it. Just have any ill person join us said sir work sternly sit sagged in his saddle. Subtly feeling a little sad. Why had he been thinking he was still just a child after all but when he looked up. Sir rourke was smiling. Broadly at him. Welcome to dino knights acid the and..

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