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One degrees and partly sunny in Boston at three o'clock. Welcome to Saint Patrick's Day afternoon. I'm Charlie Birger on. And here's what's happening. Three point six miles makes up the parade. Route everywhere you look lots of smiles lots of green and WBZ Sheri, small is along the Saint Patrick's Day parade route. Hi, sherry. Charlie the Parada. It's still going on. It started. Is running a little bit long hundred and seventeen registered parade entries. This year. Coming from other parts of the nation. From other parts of the world everything for marching band. Several bagpipe bands. Of course politicians mayor Marty Walsh was at the front of the parade routes. That's great know the last couple of years. People think that. I I I've done the freight for many years now to save Representative. I. It's a great great spirit all the way through. And of course, this great weather has played a good factor in this today. It's a little chilly out. But you stand in the sun it takes the chill off when the wind's not blowing. It's even better. And then of course, mayor Marty Walsh when I talked to him. He was just happy that they didn't have the snow to deal with on the side of the road. So that they could have the full grade this year reporting live in south Boston on the parade route Sheri, small WBZ Boston's NewsRadio. Thank you, Sherry politicians.

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