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I give them anything. That was funny. The is still as the shopping at the end. He's still in to shopping yet. Well, there's one day us in the stood and I have to say to one of the guys because he ended up, you had to cancel doctor appointment day. I on ever forget it. We thought his day. Now any state two hours and forty five minutes, and he whispered to one of his guys tell name in all be late. I'm the only private stirring gonna share. I don't ever you probably hear it. I did something working and I'm busy sticking to the time. So there have loves all music, which I think, is phenomenal. He has such a love of music. It's remarkable, he's, he's just all over the place between his Blue's arm. B M rock and roll oh, and solo artists and girl groups a you name it. He loves. Is it and what, what did you think about the rest of the cast and everybody, let's that the Bernie guy stole moving elect Bernie very much also like the bitch guy. I like the mother the manager the John Reid guy, John John Reid. John radia. I think he screwed him out of a couple. It was a very good role. But you know what? John Reid also was manager for Queen for a couple of years. And there is an exit universe movies he died. I think he died about five years ago, and obviously, he had some connections there. Now, I read today at this is true enough that based upon rocket men and Baheen that now you two would like to. I made about their life and the director of this wants to Madonna. That's what he really wants to do is trying to get the rights, I that to me she she's job. She's just played out or any liver, retire like an old hag who she comes into extracts, though. She would not do. Madonna's, like, I don't know the selling about. I came to my finger on it. I think it she reminds him Gaga. Though, she wants to be a strikes in every time somebody had a hit song strikes in had to go to a duet with him when she was no longer relevant ended up to wedding dairy. Guys, like Donna summit. No Gaga isn't a class by herself, she's amazing. She got a follow up duct stars born follow honesty one way. Think Tony Bennett's going to wonder what is his at her shows the next two weeks or something. Yeah, he's talking about a movie. I'll sell just follow up stars long chance to give up touring for probably eight months or year. So people wanna see her singing be more than in the movies. So what are we close it over almost home overall would you two points? Let me see many points would I give it give it nine points, ten all right? I mean what was your favorite part about it? The ending. Okay. Just to see Elton on the screen, by the way they're showed. No, I like all the dancing singing and dancing. What are you give it out of ten mile go nine point nine off? There's no such thing as time. Take that point it up, your is in a lot of curse where I tell you not to Curtis at your love the curse on a pot. STF you rich. Really know what that means? That's by David listeners will know. So there now. I you Dave, what are you giving? Yeah. Dave, I gotta give it a little time to. Just blind. The back. Little fee. I I enjoyed it quite a bit. There was it was. I would probably give it. Seven eight probably that's respect. Lanny what appointed you and what I wouldn't say anything disappointed me. I would say all of the musical numbers. I liked way more than I expected to and the rest of it. I thought could have been a little stronger. But overall, I really, really liked. I've thought it was, it was really a great story, and they did it in a very unique way, which is really important, because, you know, the musical by pick John rea- is so done over and over and over again and, you know, a lot of the same beats get played over and over again. But they did it in a different way, which I think is great. I like I like I like the idea that they showed it, what's. And all. Yeah. Is very, very important. Watch all wards would work. That's. For. You don't there was a what's all. Just saying, like making a phrase. What's all nobody? Would you still say no? Fluffing ridiculous. By way. Everybody sunny is going home for few minutes. She's going out to get food who the fuck OSA food at this time of night. I'm saying current eight thirty. Out of. I know actions before it. My kids. I-. Sexiness fought cast to Elton. That so much my life and Sunday. David, I got back to the king of the monsters, we're going.

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