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With Coca Cola. Wherever you're going this week, don't forget to grab an ice cold, refreshing Coca Cola from 7 11. Here's another classic moment from the sweat hotel. How this keeps sweat. Oh, my speaking to this idea, Asia. You remember me, right? I remember you. You remember me? Okay. How do I remember you? Where do I remember you from baby? I told you pictures of me already. Okay, baby, I remember how you doing, baby? Okay, Now you remember how you doing? I'm good. How's everything with you? I'm fine. Of course. We'll call you like last time, but I couldn't because I went to a concert. Okay. Well, how was the concert advisor and come back home until three. In the morning? Okay. We asked me to call you that, but it got late, so I wanted to show and came back. Okay. Well, what can I do for you tonight? Asia? I have a confession. You already know? Yes, I think I do owe you remember. Remember your confession, baby. I've been thinking about you. Really? You've been thinking about me. Yeah. What thoughts have you had? Well, every time I think about these are the two songs I always listened to and reminds. It reminds me of you. Okay? What song is that? All those baby One is keep licensed. AnAnd, It's kissing you. Okay? And the other one is straight, expensive Tender kisses. Okay, Well, let me see if I can get one of those on for you tonight. Okay, So you want to play it for me? I'll do that for you. Okay? Okay. Bye. Bye. Gary. Listen to the sweat Hotel Sunday through Friday Pips and more summer of soul Now playing in theaters and on Hulu. Alright, Come on, Steve, introduce J. Anthony Brown so he can murder another hit year. You know, I used to gladly introduce him, but I've started.

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