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Trail nine four So at that point you're back to a five run deficit in. The bottom of the sixth inning now that. Would be all they would do their as Gardner would end that sixth-inning. Interesting enough before the void hit you had a double by Miguel and do heart who was two for four tonight with another run batted in when you combine and do hard getting hot here and glacier Tories who all of a sudden isn't a five for thirty three slump many who had thought originally that glacier Tories was a shoe in for. American, League rookie of the year now bringing up Miguel do har- as very. Serious competition for that coveted prize we shall see here these last couple of months of the season as, a game within a game here you've got two of the most talented rookies in all. Of baseball on the same team but as labour has gotten cold Miguel and, do heart has gotten red. Hot but talking about red. Hot that's the youngster Ronald Guzman he. Had pulled those, first Two. Home runs at been to right and right center field but he came up with one out in the, top of the seventh inning and he would make history as the first rookie to hit. Three home runs in a game against the New York Yankees ever going on, Donald Lepe Lana long run. For cardinal Sean and she. Is in a home run Go smart as it is third home run overnight the rookie first baseman hit a fly ball down the left Pilon it just got a near the poll three home, runs for Guzman wow what a night Well that's Ronald Guzman. And that, homerun his third of the night we're going to call that tonight's drive of the game now we had hit one four hundred and thirty three feet previously his second home run of the night this one he hit to the opposite field and actually bounced off the top. Of the tall wall out in left field and bounced into, the seats for his third home run of the game and fifth in three games against the AKIs that. The third home run by Ronald goose that's a drive of, the game brought. To you by. Audi take test drive the twenty eighteen Audi a. four and see. Why intelligence is the new rock and, roll see your Tri state Audi dealer today or. Go to Audi offers dot com for more details I'm going. To be driving an Audi q seven here pretty soon they're. Going to deliver it this week and that is the Audi drive. Of the game the third home run of the night by Ronald. Gu's. Mind so the Power with the Rangers three home runs you, Andrews with the. Bat you had. A bell tray with the bat they win this one twelve to. Seven all right we've got much more, we go to break come right.

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