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Know, that I don't know if that beef in Mexico has anything to you and we gotta go eat down there one day, Ken. We gotta go down there, have some lunch. Maybe stay for a week, you know, have a few minutes and see how we look when we come back. You know what I mean? We'll come back at Cal Brooklyn. Maybe. Maybe. I won't but you will. You will. But I give Canelo credit because you still got to go in there. You know, if you're in baseball, you've still got to hit that hundred mile an hour fastball, that curve ball, you still got to do it. And I talk about Barry Bonds. I don't know. But in boxing, you've still got to go and have face to dangers. And get it done. And Canelo gets it done. And he gets it done in different way classes, and he's been getting better. As a fighter. And I said that. That was the big difference for me between him and trouble tree when they were even. Coming up. Because when they first started their fights because Canelo continued to get better and triple J didn't. He didn't. He was still strong and tough and bigger than a lot of guys, but he wasn't getting better. And I think his train at the time Sanchez had something to do that. Stagnated it. And obviously, triple G felt that, too, because he made a change. And drain us to banks, very Johnny banks. So with the greater manual store, used to be able to create a manual store. As his protege Emanuel was his mentor. So and you can't get better than that. But the facts are the facts. That can help to get better. And now he's the man. You know, he's the golden goose in the sport. And he can pick whoever he wants and make that guy rich or richer. I give him credit. He picked a dangerous guy. He picked a guy who had a great avenue background. He picked a guy that's been a world champion, has the confidence to experience, of being a world champion. He's picked a guy that I already said his natural bigger. He's a good technical fighter. He's a solid boxer. You know, he could fight what you put. He likes to box, he's a small cerebral guy. He's good. He's really good. And he picked him. He didn't have to pick him. You know, maybe he didn't pick Trello, which would have been easy, I believe, but maybe he didn't pick shallow because I faced that way because there's so many acts out there because listen, you're a fan because no part of being a fan is being a fanatic. That's short for fan. You know, fan is short for fanatic. So I get it. You have to write to be a nut. And there'll be some out there that go on that thing called the Internet, whatever those websites are right, that I never look at, but I get total about them once in a while. They still exist. They still out there, right? And they'll be guys who say, oh, a favor. Tell who's gonna whoop them. What's gonna whoop them? Okay, whatever. But maybe I don't know if Charlotte didn't want to fight maybe. I don't know. I don't know if they even had a choice in a mad, I don't know if it was, they asked for too much money. I don't know any of that. All I know, and I'm not pretending to know. I just know the possibilities. And at this point, I know maybe it was the wait, maybe, you know, maybe once I could see. Maybe, where, you know, at this point in his life, Canelo had to put in this muzzle one, it's not going to go back to one 60. Maybe he said, hey, you got to go to one 68. And maybe Charles said, no, maybe that's a very possible, maybe it is. If it even got that far in talking about the fight. But what I do know, and what we all do know is he picked people. It's going to be an interesting fight. That's going to be, I get crazy when people call Canelo and I don't know how far back they go in the edge. And I doubt it's too far. And they go and they say he's the greatest Mexican of all time. They forget about guys like Chavez. And Sanchez. And forget about it. I could just go on and on and on because Mexico has that kind of heritage and boxing. I mean, it's extraordinary. What's the one of the. Greatest Mexican warriors of all time? And look it up for me. It starts with an old. And he had about 90 fights and he might be the greatest action, and that's quite a statement because she had not to put action fighters into great heritage of great Mexican champions. He might have been the greatest action Mexican champion ever. Really? Moving olive air is. Yeah, that's who I was thinking. Olive bears. I mean, you got guys like him. Not to mention, and that you go to the great Marquess. You know, you go to one Manuel Martin. You go to the great, great bobcats. And then you go, you know, you go to barrera..

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