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Is interviewing him into do you mind I'm paraphrasing the question because I can't remember exactly do you mind if I mean do you think you were seen as a good guy he's like I mean basically it's like I don't care I'm here to win we're doing everything possible to win and if you don't want if you don't feel the same way then you know what maybe you're not cut out to be on my team that was a the essence of it and is he's talking is and I'm thinking this could have ended the documentary the right there was like T. here M. J. and it wasn't very long it was you know a couple minutes maybe and I was like I want more of that right there so in the last two episodes without giving too much away do you get any more of that yeah okay good keep it yeah I mean I don't blame you why you did this I can't see why hasn't been intentional I found myself after every two hours you know they came out in two episode blocks yeah after each one I was so upset because I wanted to see that next one up so bad is that something you would buy when it comes on sale probably not yeah what it was I don't know what I would purchase as a movie or a documentary anymore because I can just get online well that's true but the biggest thing I well one of the biggest things I took a out of that whole documentary was Phil Jackson and the job he did dealing with management and the craziness of his three stars I mean when they were talking about I don't know if you remember this part but Dennis Rodman wanted to go on that vacation yesterday yes yeah mmhm and Phil who understands his players better than anyone says okay we're gonna let him go and then hearing Dennis Rodman talk about the impact Phil Jackson had on him and his personal life you know getting into like the native American culture and spiritual side of things yeah looking into relationships between players and coaches and I'm sure it's not always like that you know they're special special bonds you create but that was another so interesting behind the scenes thing for me to see because these people are family when they're in the moment yeah they're in it together right and I know I know Dave and Rick and Kathy and you guys were talking about this last week I think and I I just want to pick up on here for a minute because Dave was making the point and I couldn't agree more I'm sitting there listening offic clapping it at Dave's point Jerry Reinsdorf how does Jerry Reinsdorf get off so easily everybody looks at Jerry Krause and okay there were clearly issues there you know the little man syndrome perhaps the the it that the ego in that the craving of the credit and getting credit for being the guy who assembled that group of players I mean he was the one who saw Scotty Pippen the way the way he says it and and saw what Pippin could potentially be an and he does deserve credit for that but how can Jerry Reinsdorf as the owner just let why why would he be okay with dismantling that team I've never understood that I've never I mean throughout the years has been like you're the owner of the team that's where you say dude Kraus look with all due respect you built the team I don't care I mean if you've got a quick you're going before NJ I mean don't you have to keep Michael Jordan a year too long as opposed to not having I mean getting rid of them a year too early and not just him but the whole group even Phil Jackson Dennis I mean I I couldn't stand Rodman when I was younger and I I you know the bulls eye like the bulls better than the pistons but when Rodman was on the pistons it was like Public Enemy number one and Laimbeer I couldn't stand the bad boys how can Jerry Reinsdorf get away with just eight I wish the documentary had gone a little deeper and at which those guys do said what were you thinking how could you not and maybe they did in the final two episodes I don't know well you're gonna see a little bit of it okay but it still doesn't make sense it does the man I mean you ride you milk that for all its worth all it's worth because you know that you know that when it ends whether it ends a year too early or three years too late you're rebuilding anyway in a in the most dramatic way possible and a small spoiler alert M. J. wanted to come back for seven yeah I yes and I didn't know that so I saw that on one of the teaser if he wants to come back you bring bring about a matter what you bring because you know what they they could to one another one yeah I'm not saying a word of no but they definitely have the best chance I mean I just what when when you guys were talking about that last week about Reinsdorf I just I I had to bring it bring it up because I feel so strongly about that and how I just feel like he got an absolute pass in that in the in the documentary I also I also found the late David stern's comments about M. J. being sent away to baseball very believable and I eat I don't know I mean sometimes over the years I've wondered how could that have happened and then it's like kind of by the end of the that's a little strong bought into no wondered about okay is there anything there was there any and it seems like a pretty much squash that swatch that market also squashed squashed any tie in with the death of Jordan's father the gambling right element because quite honestly I hadn't done a lot of reading about that case other than to know that his dad died and it was a murder and and all the rest and in in reading a little bit about about that since it's a stretch to put it mildly yeah to say they were gambling ties as it relates to the death of Jordan's father yeah and you know I'm glad they covered it because they had had to go to is a little rain had to put in my mind it pretty much squashed all those rumors of any any inkling of truth that I could maybe find and that I agree squashed it for me yeah I agree now I think I think we both would say if something came up and there were evidence that came to light that pointed to it none of none of us would be overly surprised but I don't believe there is right there's no evidence pointing in that direction now not right now for sure three oh three seven one three eighty five eighty five we'll shift gears at ten oh five year after news and we'll talk to Sonia Riggs of the Colorado restaurant association restaurants are open statewide as of tomorrow so we're gonna get into that we'll get your input as well as three oh three seven one three eighty five eighty five on the text line five six six nine zero Mike Reiss millennial grant in for Dave wrecking Kathy young K..

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