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Similar to Willard, what we talked about earlier, what they've been able to do when year one and flip expectations. It's been good to see. All right, rest of the weekend, God. I'll rip through this quick, then a quick news bite to wrap up. The bracket show, 1230 eastern Saturday on CBS, the once a year, top 16 reveal, I will be interviewing the selection chair at 1 o'clock on CBS sports headquarters if you'd like to watch that as well, Chris Reynolds is the AD at Bradley. He's a selection chair this year. I talked with him real quick on Thursday. There were 20 told me there were 20 teams that were in discussion for the top 16 seeds, and as usual, committee met on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and then dispersed Thursday late afternoon as it does every year. But there were 6 games that were contingency plans based on losses. So frankly, Purdue was in a different spot in the bracket when the committee left, and they had a contingency for, okay, if Marilyn wins, I don't know this to be the case, but let's say Purdue was the number one overall seed. It will now not be on Saturday when that happens because now it just doesn't have the resume to justify that. So again, 1230 eastern on CBS shows to Dave warlock, who does a great job with the NAA. He sent out this tweet on Thursday. He said, since the first one began in 2017, we've done this every year since 2017. 65 of the 80 teams in the top four seek to see lines of peace, 65 of the 80 remained either one, two, three, or four seeds when the real bracket came out. This used to happen a month before selection Sunday, but with the Super Bowl getting pushed back a week. Now, this gets pushed back a week we are going to be 22 days out. When this comes in as I detailed in my power rankings this week, every single time we have done this and even applied to the year when we didn't have the tournament, if you looked at the projections, three of the four teams on the top line remain on the top line selection Sunday, but always they're every single year, one team has been swapped out and the team that gets swapped out falls to the Sue line, not worse than that. As we head into Saturday, did you look at palms projections if you kind of look broadly Purdue, Bama, Houston, Kansas, are kind of irrefutably the top four seeds. Like those are going to be the one seats I would have to believe. Purdue could have fallen, I guess, theoretically, that might be some of the drama there now. It would take in the loss against Maryland. But if it is those four Purdue bam a Houston, Kansas, one of them will drop out and be a two seed history suggests over the past 6 years. Any quick thoughts on that before I just give a quick tour of the weekend. Well, real quick. This is something just popped into my head over the past couple of days. Because I did look at your power rankings. You have Houston number one? Yeah, I figured they gotta be okay. I'm trying to reward the teams that are just playing well and haven't lost. Actually, it was, I hated having to put someone. No, you don't have to justify it. I have Houston number one in the top 25 and one. Houston is number one at Kim pom. Here's my question. And I'm asking this from an honest place. I don't know the answer. I'm not smart enough to understand it. I'm asking this from an honest place. Is there a flaw in the system somewhere? Because here we are, February 17th, Houston's number one at Ken palm. Last year it was Gonzaga, a year before it was Gonzaga. Past three years, the number one team ends up being a really good team. From a crap conference. Is there a connection between those things? I don't. It's a good question to ask, and I think a lot of people are quick to pounce on that from a cynical point of mind. I don't think so only now, it's a valid question to ask, because Houston is comfortably in first place. And adjusted efficiency margin in compound. And it's not ten times. You look at any predictive metric, Houston rates is the best team in the country there. But, you know, it is based off of the collective college basketball universe and thousands of non conference games and how these teams have performed against each other. And, you know, I know organ's not great, but it is rates as a top 50 team in Houston went in one of that game by double digits. And saint Mary's, even if you don't think it's a top ten team, even if you think it's like, okay, maybe I'll even say it's a top 25 team, which it still was able to beat saint Mary's, and that's another highly ranked team. It was able to go in against Virginia. And when that game by 8 points. So there's been enough in the non conference and it played Bama close. And it's, you know, it's played 26 games in one 24 of them, and it has been able to, yes, just destroy a lot of inferior teams in its own conference, but to your question, we have had a recent spate here of dominant teams in leagues that just don't rate in the top four or 5 or 6 in the country. Is there inherent flaw in that? Maybe there might be some tweaking that needs to be adjusted, but I do think that Houston is viable one of the three or four best teams in the country. And so I don't have an issue worth where it falls in. Yeah, let me be clear. Real quick GP went to a final four and then last year knocked off in Arizona team that was as hot as just about anyone. No, let me be clear. If I had to pick a national champion today, I would pick Houston. I think Houston's great. Again, I don't know the answer. But it's hard not to notice that for three straight years now, the quote number one team in the computers is from a correct conference. Yeah.

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