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To sell things put michael jackson on a commercial for thirty seconds and everyone that doesn't work anymore so fine what works for you and make sure you have a point of view. It's amazing. This questions called three truths. Okay so imagine it's your last day on earth <hes> many years from now and you've accomplished everything you want. You've created created every restaurant concept fitness written the books. Whatever you wanna do you've created and you've got no regrets yup. Whatever reason you've gotta take it all with you so all the restaurants to go with you. Wherever you pass and you get to leave behind three things you know to be true about all of your experiences in life that you would share with the world kind of like your three lessons to humanity and that's all people would have to remember you by. Would you say your three lessons or three truths. Wow this is two people. Pause on this because this is a whatever's off the top of your mind right now doesn't have to be i would want to leave. This world all to know is that we lessons. Three lessons have real relationships. Many many likes. Many friends doesn't equal many real friends. One partner in one best friend is bigger than any of that. Well just one just one one love in one best friend. If you can die with that you are you are way better than most people on this wall yeah okay. That's that's one to to what you love and you'll never work daniel life whereas i love doing. You'll never work life. What if your work. If you work is fun. It's not work yup number three. Take care of your body or no. This is possible man. It's true health everything. A a healthy man has ten thousand problems sick man has one..

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