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Everybody's already talked so I up we have cayden level as going are doing Scotland sees them again a little later than normal but still it's kind of weird no like it. This whole year is just weird. Everything's off all I don't like it and making her return to the show proving that she can be on more than one one podcast episode. We have PAM finally finally happy to have you back on didn't want to be like hey we're gonNA have a woman on here and then nothing but now my work schedule ended up getting getting changed and like I'm owning smells so I'm actually able to do the podcast like more now than I was before so hopefully I'll be able to be on some more episode soon and also you were supposed to be on the year in review episode but you gave a pure spot to stacey down to right yeah because the iphone eight or whatever that he has oh my God my Cav is in award anyway <hes> the the iphone eight that he had the wrong with it to us that was it was it was a very crazy night and then years like bucket just use mine yeah the that was something else for shore so finally back on so what a great show gauntlet for the gold fourteen one of definitely one of my favorite shows of the year mainly because of the gone for the gold itself creates a lot of fun moments. I'm guessing we're going to still have a gone for the case which is always a fun fun experience people buying numbers and then heaven their hearts and souls crushed when some odd ball person comes out and you just go yeah. I'm definitely losing this eh every year in the year that I want. I think there was only one golic for the case now. They're like last year. Couple years have been like two or three. If I'm correct not what did I only have one year I saw service to when was the last year flaw that was when a certain fan bought many numbers or team numbers expecting to win money. What channel was this ricky? Duncan okay had an all figured out by the field when that twenty still lost in meanwhile the year that I want. I was the first one to buy one. Could I pick the winning number. You have one if I'm correct. That gauntlet is on a independent DOT TV I is that is that the new revision we're doing debuted at T._v.. Because I just say say yeah I was just trained to say the other one for a while and now all right because acknowledge all right so we're going to do our normal format when it comes to these previews is we've picked three matches the talk about and then we'll then go over the whole card which really not a whole lot of matches but seems I want is the gauntlet probably why there's not as many so we're GONNA start with. Let's start with the match that kicked off gone for the gold match announcements awesome and just the first flyer the twenty year anniversary Josh prohibition versus. 'em Dog Matt Cross if you've been around A._W._S.. Long enough you've seen these to go at it at some point one way or another other. I don't know win the last time the win against each other in some form Kadim. That's why I have you here. Can you recall when that was. I WANNA say absolution hand. That's we know I am I can remember that's what I was thinking because that was I mean technically that started off with and dog and j pro and then like evolved into yet. We're getting real snack Nicole here. Yeah I know what turned into that main event match which is crazy because I think when fifteen okay that was before my time is what I thought if you could check it out the main event alone is worth it like blows it. Was it ten or twelve man ten ten minutes. I guess the ten-man tag in quotes. It's a streetfight yeah. I've checked now real fun. I think it was it was touted as the most expensive match and w history all I had when you look at who was a net mass you could understand why you've really look at it. See everybody all but one person in that match has risen to top level status and that one person doesn't even wrestling. I know that's leaving of that. Can you guys like Gargano Joe EC three ray row D._J.. Z. Young Box <hes> just match so now it's even crazier than I know what I've said many times before when people plasma like Oh. What's your favorite head w match that's like one of the best ones I have other ones? I'd like for comedy reasons but when it comes to like you'll never see ever again. That's top list right and Joe is on your deputy times time China. That happened yeah that I think that was. I don't think he was the we were the last stop but we were close to it. It was what the day before Jalen he debuted on an X._T.. Or two days before and they already had him booked for Apso an inbetween his jalen appearance an abso he signed Gotcha so Josh Prohibition is m Dogmatic Cross Twenty guess other twenty year anniversary they probably have this. I don't know how many times but this is going to be so good in j pro as he is. I don't know how many of comeback or but I've feel like he's dragging out the more didn't he just get isn't going to be alpha. Two one to correct like the research of J. Fraud Franken love it twenty years in yeah well resurgence so he had a little bit of the peak at the beginning with backyard wrestling and X._p.. W._l._s. yet what are your thoughts thoughts on this match that have been going to have for as of I believe Thursday or Wednesday stirs me for twenty years is wild. I very excited to see what they go. <music> out match throws them for a minute yeah. I'm excited going to be nuts. What do you think about a Pam? Oh man this is going to be a good one. <hes> since I personally haven't gotten to see them <hes> Russell each other at least <hes> it's GonNa be a great match to get actually see in person finally <hes> I know what each one of them can bring to the table to see two friends. Go out it. It's it's going to be personal as hell and they're gonNA leave it all out. There and I can't talk in weight. Will there be appearance by Grandma Cross fucking better present does does she rude strictly for 'em dog or does she show a little bit of like compassion for Jason because we had a figure there. There's history there Graham across his bid round. You know dog whole life so a lot of you know at least twenty years of his career kind of criminal cross is the wildcard when it comes. She's a wildcard in general <hes> ringside if you get lucky enough to sit by her take a brief brief moment and watch her reactions to 'em dog. I fucking love it. I think there's a I know I've said it before this video deep on the the wrestling tears archives <hes> on the twitter. I'll probably pull it up. I'll try like posted sunscreen or something but oh my God like she is so into it and that's to me that awesome like I don't forget exactly how old dude is but fuck like an I guess she's all like his whole life. She's always been that's supportive and that's Awesome E._S.. She seems so you should be cool. GotTa be around at the shows <hes> kind of hope that you sit near just Pez and <hes> can hope that in a way. The she's like Kinda Nice Ajay pro but then on the other hand condo won her dislike slap one of the full Graham across experience getting anything yes minus her trucking beer yeah pretty much ah unless we can make happen wouldn't complain that'd be fucking crazy thing is to like she's been coming around like almost children around like every show but I remember I think by second. Hey W you show she was there was in dogs. Mom was there too and be the twentieth anniversary. I do think it's guarantee. That's GonNa be fun just with her there. Oh my God she needs to be put on the flyers <music> tickets I mean for the goal and featuring grandma all right another match. We have been going from especially with these two. How about the hey I W in tents title-match Matthew Matthew Justice her match us? We're GONNA come attendance Okla Matthew or Matt versus Joshua Bishop fucking a who only have we have we seen this match before no no okay so to the the best wrestlers w just love the impact they've made I mean these two are up there like obviously lawler's up there now being the absolute champion but the progression worse and we still have little baby Joshua Bishop on this flyer this this <hes> match graphic and Matthew Justice what the destruction he's been doing this who this this. This is almost as crazy craziest next match. We're GONNA talk about Bohol. Wait for that. One easily like we're not even all the way four months into this year. I'm willing to Bet Joshua. Bishop versus dominant Greenie is going to be a contender here for match of the year if not outright by everybody and now you know what we referring to both there was talking like bishop versus. Dom was like all right what we've seen so far match the your candidate might win it who knows but put it now. Having this mashed a follow it with the craziness of Matthew Justice faulk Joshua Bishop worry Joshua Bishop could walk out intense champion. I don't see why not not picks part but oh this is. This is going to be good match. What do you think about Pam man so a love Matt a love Josh very very very difficult to like picked apart but these two are going to destroy fucking everything in their path and I don't sit by me? Its own saying just stays Stacey fucking magnet. Just don't sit by us. This is going to be insane. Josh tried leading on Fire Fox. STATE IN JERSEY. Matt is insane Saint Son of a Bitch Palma God. It's just there are no words for this match. All I can say is I'm excited and I hope Kenny Wang Zehr in some capacity so he can be screaming for Josh uh-huh because that is a match component that we know is he going to root for Josh or is he going to refer justice all he's GonNa be Split. You had that's true we didn't one time he's the only way to make this match worst form if he was there would be headed in Tim Don's. He just be sitting there yelling at himself. The whole match like Bishop is such a fucking beasts now lake these these two are just GonNa go insane in my God is charged might not have us back knows I. I had to laugh because you called Joshua Bishop beast the right after talking about Kenny Wayne who <music> I'm in mode now like sorry I had to go Kenney there for about this kid and said 'cause you can't make weapons uh for or are you making weapons. I was going to say that sounds like he's making weapons. Never know I mean that or you're you're just because it's not the rap. Show doesn't cadet make things <hes> 'cause it's April..

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