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And sold me the committee would no formal training this was her ficked first time because i had a director who who didn't want me to rehearse yeah just wanted me to be spontaneous all the things that i knew i could do yeah as all he wanted that cool it was crazy yeah and i think that was just look at the draw which as you know um you can prepare your asked often it there's in a little bit of luck at certain points oh yeah come here just an actor preparing yeah um but i swear it it it was it almost became careful what you wish because by the time i got to 1994 which would be usual suspects and casino it was fucking over it was over for me to be michael keaton and nightshift the ouch was the original plan the you know every comedian you look it up ardenica were there you go that's the thing yeah i'll do that and then we got to the whole nine yards the two stars of the film bruce willis matthew perry talk in the director about me doing the part of yanni go will lack in the directive his british jonathan lin said now i get it fell as i get you know he's he's quite diverse of seen a few good men seen usual suspects and very diverse but you know this is a comedy adequate that's correct yeah and if i if they if i didn't know them no chance uh no chance uh so there's a very long answer uh no that's that's actually it's super interesting um i mean i'm always interested in up you've so really it's luck it's believing that.

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