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Let's get back this amazing episode all right next on the program. We're going talk about the most inefficient part of our society. Yes the government and another absolutely boring topic sas software but we've got a very unique founder. Who is trying to solve that problem as we all know government is wasting all of our money constantly and they are running on systems that are decades old. In many cases we are fully in the software space three or four generations ahead of our government and we keep getting taxed more and they keep doing less for us. Efficiency in government is a disaster and my guest. Today co founded. A company called open. Gove his name zach and welcome to the program zach. Thanks for having me. Jason really honored to be here now. Joe lonsdale is your co founder. If i understand correctly correct. Yeah fantastic nine. Years ago joe and two amazing young technologists from stanford co-founded open gov with the crazy courageous naive vision that we could power more effective and accountable government. And we're building the all cloud all integrated erp for our nation state and local governments. So we're opening up. The back office bringing efficiency accountability transparency. To all these really complicated workflows that that that touch our daily lives explained to the audience doesn't know what is an er system so open gov offers budgeting and planning software minneapolis. Defunding police department using our software tucson. Arizona richmond virginia in suffolk county. New york can think of that. As ripping out the old oracle hyperion from from government we sell financial management systems. This is all the accounting and tracking. Where all the money goes all the assets how they're recorded right down to the paper clips and then permitting licensing code enforcement what we call our citizens services sweet so if you want to get a business just to be clear as enterprise resource planning enterprise resource planning and in government. It's all these transactions and transactional workflows that very few people think about but they actually bang their heads against the wall in the government and as residents so procurement and permiting in financials and budgeting and we put it all in our reporting transparency platform. So that's that's it in a nutshell and so explain to me into the audience. What is the example. That is most common when you go into a government agency are you going into city. States towns. The federal government. Who's the target here. And then what would be the first two or three three things they would do when they turn on the software so think about the the mine run of the cities and counties and towns that we all grew up in there are about three thousand counties in the united states thousand nine thousand cities towns. There's actually another fifteen thousand townships there's about twenty thousand state agencies. Many are too small to pay serious money for high-quality web based software and a few are so big they just want to hire the accenture 's and deloittes of the world in custom build things but everything below the new york city's in la county's and everything above the little three-horse towns wyoming. We conserve with this incredible sas platform and so we help governments plan where every dollar goes said. It's a major anti-corruption device but they have to budgets and they have to get input from the community. And it's.

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