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I mean for anybody who hasn't played it. you know. i used to say that before. I played echoes. I would recommend like three houses and echoes. I don't recommend that goes anymore as your first one. But i still strongly recommend three houses the first game. If you're trying to get into the franchise. I'll say this though. So having known that we had that discussion prior You definitely said you know. This is a good one to start out with you. Know i even. I think i saw like through twitter. Timeline maybe in youtube videos. That people even agreed was like. Yeah you know this is a good one to start out with high will admit the first five hours was kind of overwhelming. It was a little complex learning everything taking everything and trying to remember everything and what to do in any kind of get in a rhythm. I for the first five hours. Every time i went to go play. I was like i really. Don't wanna go back to this and and kinda have to learn and remember what to do it once. I got over that hump and kind of figured it out of you know the gates you know went wide open and it was fine when i got to that point but during the reason why i bring it up during that entire process it had me wondering is a really A fire emblem game. That really showcases game play really showcase a story and dial back a bit for a newcomer in regards to kind of not having to remember all this stuff and even take away the you know the prior knowledge of three different routes in kind of understanding that but even like monastery and just have just all this stuff. That is extra in. That is good and fun when you understand it but it's just stuff for a newcomer to kind of be overwhelmed with. I'm wondering if there's a better one to start out with what i mean like this. One pat the radiance and blazing sword fire seven. Those are the ones that people point to traditionally. As like. if you're wanting to get into the franchise you can start with the swans..

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