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Pay restrictions apply call for details. The average price for a gallon of gasoline has fallen to the lowest levels in months. Use radio networks John Clemens reports that national averages down three cents a gallon to a level of $2.11 Patrick DeHaan of gasbuddy dot com tells us about the factors for that drop in prices. Overall, the biggest concerns pushing the price of oil lower our uncertainty over the election and a potential legal feud, which could lead stimulus in limbo and the surgeon the Corona virus pandemic in which US cases have soared to near record levels. Residents of Oklahoma enjoying statewide average is of a dollar 76 Residents of California continue to suffer as 3 14 a gallon with Yusa Radio Network. I'm John Clemens, usually Red Texas has been hit with a massive blue wave in recent years. The streets of Texas provide no answers as to how this election will turn out. In the Dallas Fort Worth area. You do see more signs of boarding bind than those for Trump travelling south to the Houston area last week. Different result, this historically red state has been hit by a massive influx of out of state residents. Californians moving here to escape housing costs and taxes. They can't afford their will. That blue wave be enough to wash away the red. What the president said Friday. He's not worried. Many Republicans here say they are from the Texas use a radio news bureau. I'm Val d'Or for use radio news. I'm dandy, Rocky..

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