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Pretty hard when you think about it because it's been search I use the word which trying to use the word hoax Republicans on Capitol Hill have been privately urging the president to not dwell on impeachment much if at all in the address they also know that might be asking too much for someone who brings it up even at standard events such as signing the bipartisan approved the United States Mexico Canada trade agreement then will be mentioned in the state of the union no Democrats were invited to the south lawn ceremony even though more democratic house members voted for the trade pact that house Republicans in between will be in the background even if it's not mentioned much in the address aides say the president will be hoping for a sign for the expected acquittal Wednesday will include a couple Democrats Republicans including much maligned former Attorney General and former senator Jeff sessions are lining up to run against Democrat Doug Jones collective Phil sessions term in part because of accusations about Republican Roy Moore's character but in Alabama Jones might be the most vulnerable Senate Democrats this year you might see political thrift in voting against removal west Virginia's Joe Manchin is not up for reelection this year but he stayed is overwhelmingly pro trump these are also hoping to Republicans Mitt Romney and Susan Collins who voted for additional witnesses will in the end vote against removal of Costantini the White House so we welcome your thoughts your feelings about where we sit right now at one eight six six five oh Jimbo one eight six six five oh five four six two six and again we we'll certainly pass along to you Iowa caucus results if we get them in the time remaining again going to a hand count is shall we say slow and the then tedious so if we have something we will of course pass that along to you also of course any thoughts on what the president issued and or will say in his state of the union address to Congress was coming evening and of course a look ahead to what is largely the anti climax of the Senate impeachment vote which will happen about that we're told lease according to schedule about four PM eastern time on that Wednesday and again the outcome is not at all in question the president will be acquitted but there will obviously be the questions well how about the Democrats crossed over to vote no on removing him from office the the the Republicans vote to remove him from office in particular is a Bob Costantini noted Mitt Romney of Utah and Susan Collins of Maine you voted for additional witnesses will they vote for the president's removal from office if I had to guess I would say that the the Republicans facing the fate accompli that it's not going to matter anyway even those who might be so inclined will probably vote for acquittal and then a few Democrats such as Bob mentioned like Joe Manchin of West Virginia especially Doug Jones of Alabama maybe one or two others will vote for acquittal as well so the Republicans have a fifty three forty seven margin in the Senate I could easily see say fifty six forty four for acquittal so but we'll see that pick up the book was on Wednesday one eight six six five oh Jimbo one eight six six five oh five four six two six and a here is a call from Iowa Michael in the Waterloo Lister to do stalk fifteen forty K. X. CL hello Michael hi Jim and the good to have you on tonight thank you call say I I've been losing your show and and some of the callers who called and more serpents there's something going on during the Iowa caucuses and the credit convention I think it's no surprise if you look at the history what's going on in in past elections closer to twenty sixteen will be a good place to start in fact the Democrats were caught red handed doing just this which is one of only the most foolhardy Democrat would ever think of doing it again this soon to the same guy I mean they're talking about risking the entire election if they'd tried to do this again but who knows go ahead well I think that's true but I think if you look at from the point that they have on TV Donna Brazile for ones who helped win win the elections you she did that help to rig the election against Bernie that's true so when they have her on the news as a as an expert bush's external that hello she helped a regulation and people just don't trust him anymore I don't think well it's certainly understandable obviously you can safely say the Sanders campaign does not does not trust Donna Brazile it's certainly true and again as I say once you you participate in something like reading an election it's hard to ever take you seriously as a commentator Madonna Brazil as a as a bright charming individual but having done what she did I think that the the do you must look at her views it certainly about democratic primary questions as the as highly jaundiced we did that that's a a a mark that did it it's hard to erase from your record so I I certainly understand that again though I mean the Democrats and better realize that if they if they if they if they read this again they actually did that there's no way that you could do it on a wide enough scale to have an impact without hundreds maybe thousands of people knowing there is no way that many people good low without leaking it and if that happened you would split the Democrats wide apart you would be talking about a Donald Trump victory B. talk about a Donald Trump landslide and it and I just don't know that that the Democrats as a party are that stupid but but I can't say for sure Michael all I that I just think that she from you well I don't know the whole I'm sure is is a very nice woman but she's a nice woman she also help the party cheat and then they know that well I agree I don't think there should disqualify her of I mean to surprise we would put something like that on the air who people already have suspicion about yeah I mean even if your if your audience tends to be much on the left again that made up of this way I'll guarantee you that there ARE Bernie backers and to a lesser extent Elizabeth Warren backers who see dollar Brazil's face on the screen and they just immediately turned it off at least mentally if not grabbing the remote so yeah I think you're quite correct and I I've often found that that kind of making me wonder is well just to how she manages to keep being there that that's pretty serious charge and and again they were caught red handed it's not like it in dispute they did read the the election and it's very possible that Bernie Sanders would in fact have won the nomination had it not been for that Tom and Frederick Maryland Lister W. F. M. D. nine thirty on the AM dial hello Tom hi good to be on the show thank.

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