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I know i know that was last week but still See i'm going to go with me. Go renton him. All right Not a bad choice at all. I'd say curdle player. I can't believe that point streak seventeen. That's ridiculous dude. I know. I wonder what the record is. I mean we look that up easily. But i don't know playoff point streak record. Nhl gretzky thirty five nine probably It looks like it's on the islanders. Twenty seven oh twenty-seven right yep yep rain early eighties and you got gordie howe right behind him twenty two. I say right by them but he's had twenty two tim. We'll maybe well run in right now. He's at eight three now and he's right behind gretzky. Only has eighteen look surprisingly but three times. Yeah rain gretzky three times. He had an eighteen point. Streak while it's fucking bonkers bro. Absolutely insane so going to be interesting. See oh my god pavel bure a with the knox their sixteen Man i wish they cannot say kept them. Yeah well anyway florida. I think that's about all i have for this week's episodes such a weird one recording on a saturday felt off but i definitely feel out of it still. I know we don't have the beer kicking a nasty right. And i know we should have a mosasaur. Faulk missed opportunity. Mary's man on something like that. Well you know hopefully next time. I'm not telling you right before about a record wasn't right before it was a few hours before it wasn't about well you know. I'm glad we were able to change able to adapt. And i still think we had a great episode. Here plenty of we talked about so If you guys have any questions for us you have any statement. You want to call us an idiot for hating on the maple leafs as bad as we did. You could find us on instagram. Ats at the clapper report. T h e. cla p p. e. r. r. e. Prt yes so. Let us hear about a boy's let us know what you guys want us to talk about Playoffs this here. Man so Let's get talking. let's go guys. Hopefully islanders ticket to boston. Let's go islanders. Man i i you know me and my dad really were looking to get to this game. 'cause i got an email the other day you know from the islanders semi tickets but obviously didn't get one for this one probably because they sold out and i was watching stubhub and two tickets. We're we're in too bad but it was like fifty dollars more so now i'm looking at tickets and the price is only going up. You think the day of they will go lower but will now with playoffs. Playoffs is different during the regular season. Yeah the tickets are literally only getting more expensive as time goes on. How much are they right now. Well minus fees which are fifty dollars each It's a hundred and seventy two dollars each ticket for opportu thirty-seven row fifteen. I'd fees into that and you know there's two of us going so it's just become an be a little bit too much so we might try and sneak into game. Six hopefully aches if it goes to game six which hopefully hopefully it does. Yeah one would hope well anyway guys. Enough aboard mir with a ticket finding We'll see you guys here next week. Yeah peace guys..

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