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Welcome back. Jamie Morris in my big basement, watching my big screen television. And that is Dennis 50 in the beach mounds of Dexter, Michigan. No, not mentioned today. And he is Matt Miss Lor on the ones and twos at the Taj Mahal. Uh, 7349 at 18 57 34 1918 50 Give us a call. If you'd like. Question of the day, What can Michigan do against Rutgers? Make you feel better about the season. I mean, you don't have to call you don't have to answer the question. You call us and tell us what How you feel about the last game or about the two previous games before Wisconsin so we could talk about 7349 and 18 50. Let's go to Hadley in Columbus. Who first again, man. I'm on a roll, Jamie. I wish the Michigan team could be on a roll. You know, I read heard that Heard the liquor sales went up 50% of halftime after that game. Yeah, that checks out one of them. Yeah, right. Head. My, uh I'm sorry. What was that? Yeah, you, Hadley. It's you sound like you got a Johnny Carson pit covered on that you were right there. I'm alive. No, it was It was pretty bad. It's pretty bad. I don't got no getting me. I don't know what we can do. You. You know what Michigan has to do for this game is excused. Get the defense going. I mean, Even discussing this for the last three weeks. All right, guys. Here. Here's your little quit. Looking up team defense so far this year. What do you think Michigan ranks right now on team defense. In the big time. Oh, I'm sorry overall in the country. 101 110 75th. And this man is available on the phone. Was It wasn't set you brought up again. Hedley. I apologize. Oh, Where is Michigan ranked on defense in the country. Team defense. I'm gonna go with 89th. You're the crosses. They're tied with ball state for 90 seconds. Look nice. Also hard university is that bad? Bad part about it is almost every other big 10 teams ahead ahead of them. Yeah, That's that, through a three week stretch where they somehow lost to Michigan State where there were 157 Point favorite. They went to Indiana, and they got smacked upside the head by the Hoosiers, where the second best team in the big 10. If you could stay up here, and then they brought in Wisconsin team that usually when they're playing at home, they're able to hang in there and beat the different story when they go on the road, But Wisconsin came in and humiliated him. So that's where we're at. I waken probably sit around and pull another 5 to 10 stats out and say, Man, that's a really, really bad stat. It's because right now, this is a really bad football team. Has given up over 34 points a game that's bad. That's bad. You know what and throwing picks and consecutive possessions. And and shooting yourself in the foot like that, and then that rally into the ball at all when you're a defense and not showing any pride and tackling and letting the other team waltz into the end zone and take over your stadium like that. That's bad having your coach afterwards that the next two times and he's been able to talk about his team say Yeah, we're gonna go out there and coach him up. Okay. Okay, let's go get him. That's really good behind this club. Well, it's what kind of fire Yeah, we're we're gonna look at everything. Next question. Yeah. You guys were on fire yesterday. I really You know, Jamie, I know. And Dennis is really Dennis is really on fire. I thought maybe he had a Wrong. Very cup of coffee there and just off on everything, but, yeah, that shows something else Yesterday that was probably the So best show. I've heard you guys do you know, just and I don't blame you. I mean, it's getting very frustrated. They've given up 18 touchdown so far. Here. Oh, it's horrible. Being this team reminds me remember the movie. Remember the one Steven Seagal came out with the movie quite a few years ago called under Siege, and then they made a remake of it, and he was on the train as a cook. Yeah. Just Yeah, I remember that. This is what the Michigan team reminds me of. In Jim Harbaugh. It's right near the end. Where, uh, You see Steven Skull season two trains ready to collide and he's running out of the Are the railroad car trying to escape and all of a sudden the ladder appears through the roof of the cab Somehow, miraculously, there's a helicopter up there in here, Steven Seagal running the thing and you're wondering, Can you get to the land and get up the ladder before this thing falls into the gorge? That's way Jim her buys. Can you get to that ladder and get up there before this team really falls apart. Yeah, I'll buy that one. You know what I was thinking of Titanic myself like the Michigan football. Harbaugh's out there on that piece of wood after the Titanic is gone, and he's hanging on the Cabrio is the season and he's cold and he's freezing and at the end He just, you know, goes in goes down in the icy waters of the Atlantic. There's the Michigan football season. Going right down there. He's to catch their season is DiCaprio. Well, we couldn't be sure come up with a lot of scenes from the movies to do that. Jamie, I think Michigan you gotta play. I wish you could play that both speech for Michigan team. Is there anything that hasn't? Actually, I got? I got a surprise for you tomorrow. Oh, yeah. What? You should listen to the show it four o'clock tomorrow. Well, you know, I do. I listen every day, so I'll definitely be throughout this one's This was this one's for you. So I mean, I want to know. Exactly. I got I got the angel of the big house coming on for you. Good. I wasn't gonna bug you this week about it like I did last night. Yes, you were. I will. I was just gonna hate him. Hold my tongue and say Okay, well, maybe he'll get to it eventually. We women are you are you still may be trying to get ahold of Doug scheme. Yeah. Okay? If he would like I said he'd be really good toe. Do that Get on there also and Jamie. They've got five more games to go because I'm sure they'll play that nice game. Harbaugh's gonna have to win at least one more game. Not to end up with one of the worst records in Michigan football history, because if you can win one more game and the worst he could goes to seven. And that would not be the worst record every be the third worst, I think, because We had rich rod in his first year when he went three and nine. And then I think we went 1617 way back in the mid thirties or something like that. So if he doesn't want any more games, he's gonna have the worst record except maybe back then in the thirties. Just thought I'd ask. Yeah, Boy, you're real basket of joy today. Hadley. Yes, he is Amy. If we weren't winning, I'll be telling you all the good stance about Michigan, but we're not winning. What'll. I mean, I want to. You know, we all want to win and we got two. We'll do it. We're going to do it this week. You watch.

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