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For the how a car show Seattle putting a stop to chop clearing out the city's autonomous protest zone once and for all Police department warning in a tweet. Anyone who remains in the area or returns to the area is subject to arrest 15 arrested so far, Witnesses say, Chop is now almost entirely cleared out. Live from the Matthews Brothers Studios. Mark McCloskey. He is the ST Louis homeowner. We told you about he and his wife holding guns, keeping protesters away in their opinion. From their home on a private street. How do you feel about becoming the face ofthe political resistance to the black lives matter Movement? They were pro testing and he has become the face the president tweeted. They came for a reason to be counselor. Look, I let you make your points. Let's let the rejoinders happen, and then you can go you have been used and politically weaponized as a face of white resistance. To that movement. I don't know what you're talking about. This is CNN shows your captain how a car. Federal court ruled that you and Governor Cuomo violated the Constitution. By restricting religious services. You treated the protesters who were on the streets differently than the religious gatherings that were on the streets. The protests were entirely different reality, a national phenomenon and obviously had profound meaning. Have you heard the story of Jesus Trade? Unchained Adam's stoppable? You know some of the top players in this issue, not just in the US but in other countries have changed there to take the mask, okay? Dr felt she didn't think you needed to wear a mask. I view him is probably one of the most credible people on this issue. You're gonna find anywhere in the country, which only proves that you're too young to be a good judge of character from swabs, hacks and Moon bats everywhere. It's how a car Wait.

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