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My friend you can contact us. Manner okay guys. There's girls out there that want it so actually wanted expects yes keeps what share them to other girls and completely her office. Oh okay might do that. That's pretty cool. Yeah right shirt take pets. So what would you wish guys. did less. Not just on ops in general in dating using a phone while they gotta give you the attention yet does to be me. It's just just radiates. You hang out with some wine some fun. Yeah yeah. I get the always thing i have to makings. I have to get my phone. Like if i come up with something that we find wrote down fine. I meant like going on instagram. Social media fucked up. Yeah people say got ever again if he does that. That's fair. yeah keep up the phone. Keep the attention on the reason. Why you're there. What do you wish guys did. More more side from dick. Pics sure it's not solve that with on the need some time to answer all the time in the world kills with one are five hours cry and sleep. i'd say hobbies include my credit card. It's hard even like riots. Go whatever within everything you got to pay for this wildly. Stand up aside from taking your soul energy. it doesn't take anything else. yeah right. there's tall like do you like the certif- guys 'cause you say you you. You get approached quite a bit. Like a barnes of guys do that. I actually do yes. How do they usually approaches. Do they like. Hey you're cute or can invite you drink or what would Logistical guy chilean smile sometime. Okay so it's not out of nowhere. It's like a sometimes out of this. One russian got and this is a russia's di i didn't see him the whole nine now he just came up. Put us in front of me with and stop and be like. Let's instagram affect. Who are here under supposed to ask woman name as i. Yeah put in shape bloom. yeah i i think. I think we'll end here shaved bloom. You can save by to get by goodbye lewisham. Fuck fuck off nap cool. Yeah i'm gonna end here by by it..

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