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Desire french president trump. and i'm yours today for the weekly french president trump presidential press preschool. I shall now take questions from z. In the midst of people yes. Thank you sir. Mr president jimmy tingle here with the boston accent. Mr president many people are calling for your removal to the twenty fifth amendment. How do you feel about that. Starts uniquely. I am very strongly mentally what people do. Not realize is this a presidency as very stressful seco figure. Do you have any idea how hard it is to. Put the ball into a hole with a stick. Do you do mr president. I would imagine that the presidency is very stressful it ease did you see easy congresswoman from colorado objectives the electoral votes about belt congresswoman berber. To gun she was fucking amazing. she very clearly. What kimberly give for a school of political oratory so as president. I have to decide. Should have care or should. I make her vice-president don't should i give to junior or three. It's a lot less stable. President would crack. Do you have ma. Eleven thousand seven hundred seventy nine georgia votes. Mr president respectfully no. I do not next question next question. John nelson thank you mr president. Tony romo with abc news. Mr president. how would you characterize what happened on the capital and on the streets of washington dc on the day. Congress counted the electoral votes. Tony at look good next question next question when expensive yes. Karen van carlson oei and it was quite a day sir. You looked so good. Sink you karen. Next question next question. Mr president jerry. Manning new york news. Mr president people are comparing you to cult leader charles. Manson you incited violence among insurrectionists that you have been going for years i did i didn't inset pacifica receiver legal dawns on what words i can use that would make it look like dig newton set. Do you have my eleven thousand. Seven hundred seventy nine. George averts note sir you told them to march to the capital to give the week. Republicans pride what did you think they were going to do when they got to the capital. I'm sorry grew. I said say what. Stop at c. Pillar immature capital and you know. Picks in knits from one another as beards maybe botanically necks and what drew up another trump fish. I'm on my does now. Do i look taller charles miss. I don't know how tall charles manson was. Sir i can't say exquisite john west mr president right. Thank you sir. Herod stupid with the seattle. Would you say that we in the american flag at the capitol with the trump flag is an arguably un-american. I love the american flag as you are want humped in american flag that do not new. I think i might actually go down. On the trump flagged zazi mag trump flag. Do you have any votes for me at no sir. I don't next question next question. mr rest. good looking man or a disaster all. Thank you sir. Tom snell from cnn as sir when ted cruz ran against you he called you a pathological liar. Now he is a leading figure in spreading your lies. What happened to ted cruz. After i became zero again presence don't shell nominee can't crews took a long look at his wife and realized she's not prize and that's when the began to suspect said his fuzzier shut jfk since nah have become very close sometimes let it nat. We make farts. We'll see catch pillows. Cruiser would sometimes had eleven thousand seven hundred seventy nine georgia votes under zico shows and i would have to look them. Would you like to have a presidential medal of freedom. Zahra half off for the next couple of weeks because as are dealing days thank you know sir can give these things away next question john. Next question trump president trump flag. You are whole dang. It is mr president. I would like a presidential medal of freedom. Do you have any wrestling experience. No i don't. I don't sir all right karen i could give you some much that flag to what has to net and now will present you with your medical. You will have erin did karen next question. John yes mr president. Thank you so much jimmy tingle with the boston. Accent mr president. What about lindsey. Graham mr president before you were the nominee he said if republicans elected you you would destroy them then he became one of your big supporters. What do you think happened to lindsey. Graham lindsey graham is a mystery even to more zero been times when i have newt even wanted to support he just got the hang around is like a mouse. I could not get him away from wa lindsey. i would say your mother's calang. You have to go home now lindsay. Do you not have some work lindsay. We're going to have dinner now. You have to go next question. Nice west john. I thank you. Mr president tony romo with abc news. Mr president you told the insurrectionist that you were going to march with them. Did you tiny. It was a man. How are you crazy. I took a golf cart. Tizzy bathroom for cross six. I'm not going to walk a mile. Besides sayer knit clean just people. I'm going to walk with them. It's not kind of cup leader. I am let charles missile walk with zim. Ferry and smell could felt threatened. Nears him and not even know it. I like to be with people like dianne feinstein. I found near her. She at least makes a vase.

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