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So comas Tammy Matassa met with him in an act of desperation, voicing a cry for help. Ah concerned community decided to hit the streets marching right to the doors of coma news today. With autumn, A community of Seattle stand in solidarity with our people in Ethiopia are facing injustice is the Armel Community of Ethiopia is pleading for the release of two Washington residents detained in Ethiopia. Use of the sheer and read one a month. Police in Portland, say a protest in that city turned violent. Saturday night. Things escalated after some people burned an American flag and launched fireworks toward buildings, including the federal courthouse. More than a dozen people were arrested in some Portland police officers were hurt by flying debris on the Seattle City Council is expected to vote on a new tax on big businesses. Today. The papal tax, already approved by the council's budget committee, is expected to raise more than $200 million a year that money would go toward affordable housing and other community development. Projects, and the council approves the measure. It would still require Mayor Jenny Durkan signature. Two years ago, The council, under pressure from companies like Amazon repealed attacks on big business. It had passed just a month before school. Most Frank Lindsay, some local homeless families are now finding themselves in one of their more unlikely shelters in Seattle. Inside one of Amazons corporate buildings in south like Union, Mary's Place shelter recently opened to help homeless Children with life threatening health conditions. It is called Popsicle Place..

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