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The great thing about the charger is that it's an intelligent charger so we can tell whether you using an iphone or if you're using a samsung device or an android device and its able to properly set itself to give the the fastest charging re possible so normally we an iphone or ipod era our samsung tablet if you're not using the right charger you're not going to charters quickly but with the museum charger will give you the tacis charging rates based on the device that you how was so what would you say to those who say well i already have a backup battery that i keep with me you know in my backpacker in my purse or whatever and that's what they used to plugged in this is specifically for the wall for an ac plug well look you may have a standard battery about you know i have topical myself but when i go to the drawer half the time their depleted so you need something that'll plugging into law saw like if you want to walk around the house that you your phone you don't wanna where you batteries and charged up this this one's plugged into law all the time switch always always going to be working you're right at that time kids dad you have a battery i can use it like sure you know 'cause they did think as i turn on the battery and it's five ten percent left because people people don't know that you have to charge the battery before you bring the battery with you so you're right now in this case so you just bring this cable extender the zoo charger and it is it pretty compact yeah well if you look at a standard charger so it's a little bit bigger than that there's a module and then the cable pieces you can choose whatever length you want it take the length of the cable that is best suited for what you need okay we are chatting with mark young when he key mark is the creator of the moon zoom charger yeah it's it's the longest usb charging that you can get on the market today so it's it's really great for having the ability to connects you collect any type of us usd be device had charged from now pretty much anywhere okay and you're saying that you choose the length that you want but if you let's say you.

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