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Lines offer twenty three. I'm Scott Pringle for seven ten W O R, President Trump has a big decision to make congress has struck a tentative budget deal, but it doesn't give him the five point seven billion dollars. He wants for his border wall would provide just one point three seven billion dollars for fencing and other physical barriers that would allow for fifty five miles of new structure, but that's a fraction of the two hundred miles that the president has been insisting on now in exchange Democrats decided to drop their insistence that there's a limit on detention beds agreeing to funding for forty thousand beds, which is seventeen percent decrease from the current level. That is correspondent Mary Bruce today. The president welcomes governor Cuomo to the White House Cuomo is talking taxes with President Trump today that ten thousand dollar cap on state and local tax deductions has cut New York's income tax revenues by billions according to Cuomo who intends to impress upon the president that New York sends thirty five billion more in tax revenues to the feds. Then it gets back. This. Cap makes that gap wider last week. The president said he was open to talking about the cap, but Senate Republicans quickly put a lid on that thing it won't be addressed. Alice stacked in rows Seaney seven ten wwl armored Blasios headed to New Hampshire later this week fueling speculation that he may be gearing up for a run for president. He'll talk about his accomplishments in the city like pre K and healthcare for all the mayor will also speak at Harvard. Astronaut Mark Kelly, the husband of former congresswoman Gabrielle giffords is going to run for the US Senate in Arizona released. His video announcement this morning, I care about people care.

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