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Steve when you had your piff Unie about Michael. That led you to write that. How aware were most people of the movements that he had made? Was there a lot of buzz around him? At that point in the season because banning average was around two hundred. And that's what people look at first right. If you saw that he was hitting one ninety eight you would think you would think he's a failure right. There are stories of other major leaguers who had terrible minor league seasons but clearly. They were showing talent in the team stuck weather. And maybe the case with Michael Jordan. So what happened next for hidden and his baseball career. What happened next was he went to the Arizona. Fall League which is a higher level baseball. Even the southern league any to fifty five. He was clearly tracking towards at least a promotion to triple A. And maybe a call up to Chicago in nineteen ninety five but has it happened. Baseball was in a work stoppage. For the first time in American history a union is about to go on strike even though its members make an average salary of a million dollars apiece and Michael didn't want any part of that. This labor crisis has the potential matching severity and longevity. The players walk out of eighteen ninety which lasted a full year. So when the strike hit Michael didn't even consider crossing the picket line to get his chance. No he was A. He was a player wrap himself. He was not about to go against the grain there so he decided to give up baseball. Tito Francona Mike Barnett. Maintain to this day. He could've made the major leagues. What about you do you think he would have made it and how good could have bit? I? I think he could have made the major leagues. I'm not sure he would have been a starting outfielder. You know I look. At the current landscape of baseball Michael Jordan would have been alike. Michael Taylor nationals outfielder. Michael Taylor a Grand Slam home. Run Fast and very grateful and has a little pop. Goes Taylor Paul's in left field? And he will score to one for the running wild nationals to see because of that strike and the timing of it all Michael went back to basketball and well. The rest is history agency and play out on the stance about you know his first full season back the Bulls set a record for the most wins in NBA history. They won the title ear. Spoiler alert the next two seasons after that as well when he initially retired in one. Thousand Nine Three. You mentioned. He did it in part largely. He was burned out. How did that season in baseball affect his mindset for coming back to the NBA? Did he get what he needed out of? It definitely definitely.

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