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Up to here we'll all these new england people driving them crazy at every sandwich shop or place of business that he goes to work at sea and all that stuff than all those stupid jerseys and all as stupid the stretch at whack why enough and then the way they've won i mean really it's it's as great a nightmare is it could be you think about it that what happened to them between the seattle game in the atlanta game doesn't happen to a group of fans in any sport anywhere in a lifetime and it happened twice in three years seattle gives them the game right at the end and then they come back from 28 three mountainous same lifetime in the same decade in the same three or four years span they come up with two wins like that in the final game of the season not in a playoff game first round second round championship get no in a super bowl the greatest single event in american sports they win with seattle thrown the ball late what everybody thought they would run it with marchan lynch and then 28 three they come back and win amid if there's ever reason to take the eagle's those two wins windsor it if there's any such thing as karma that's the reason to take the eagle's probably my biggest reason dig neagle's when you win a game like he did against seattle and win a game like he did against atlanta something bad has to happen so we'll see ryan key port new jersey up next on the fan i run acres they don't want good hey i'm with you on that eagle in here my reasoning uh had dogle got at home i would argue england and when algae's school um i went from two thousand two thousand five and then i saw the patriots win their first uh the first three and then he obviously the red sox breaking a curse no or now live down uh in jersey round eagle fans i gotta tell you feel a lot like the red sox no four it's a new year signed uh you know when you want your good gauge serving of being in those two spots in these inside out and.

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