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To split my assistant in half new hefty ultra strong trash bags with well fabulous that scent turned out better so than strong when I so joyful it must be magic again John Williams every weekday morning 10 to 2 miss a little America at night with Rich Valdez all the book as right California America welcome goes back my Larry Elder mission is our guest the to 2024 rescue the presidential Golden State candidate and author save of the the from nation your Larry Elder platform we for left president off fathers with your in the home education at and policing least the three we that talked we're about policing picking out to let's get into fathers in the home because I think this is a such an incredibly important well that's issue right gets before that I zero forget though attention rich I want to or mention close that to I'm it Larry trying to Elder get on that debate stage next this month in thousand Milwaukee donations individual the debate the money is on does August not 23rd it's not important that by I August need 21 40 ,000 I have to have individuals 40 to donate to my campaign the donation in fact can be as little as one dollar all you have to do is go to LarryElder .com and donate the website just three one more dollar times to LarryElder get me on that debate stage in Milwaukee .com now that's regarding Larry the fathers regular way well ELDER before we get there let me just give them the in this audience so I'm LarryElder thinking we and .com can help right you just need 40 for ,000 the sake of people a good there's debate about I five was million just saying people that during in this the break with our producer that you know we need a very robust primary debate because LarryElder that's and what .com this country is give built on a so donation folks if if you want to help you Larry can't Elder afford feel one because free of to Bidenflation go to then give a dollar but if you can get more feel free Larry Elder go right ahead and rich even which if people want I'll get a into different in candidate just a second at the the very lie least that I'm America going to remains put front systemically and center the racist issues you and and I've the been crucial talking need about the for epidemic of school fatherlessness choice in urban America there are otherwise a couple more too under we both parties need an amendment whether Republican to the Constitution or to Democrats fix spending government to a gets certain bigger percentage and of bigger the GDP and bigger because part of it is the so -called entitlements programs are on automatic pilot even Bill Clinton and Barack Obama referred to them as accused you of not unsustainable caring about but the nothing sick gets the done poor the because elderly if you so run promising nothing gets you're done going the to only reform way to say really restrain Social Security spending is the to put other side a law can on all over the the country books that that are requires wreaking Congress havoc to on do our so streets and and I'm then suggesting there are legislation these soft to on set crime up George commissions Sorel of DA's retired all judges retired DA's so states can hear complaints and citizens and get rid of them and then we need an executive order so that vice ties whether it's presidents Joe Biden whether presidents and it's Neil Bush and whether their it's families don't Jared Kushner whether continue it's to anybody grasp that's and make money what I'm going off to do their when I become president to sign an executive order to stop all this nonsense but getting back to fatherlessness the stats are clear and rich even Barack Obama once I'm quoted times them nine if more you likely are raised to drop out without of school a dad and you're five 20 times times more more likely likely to to be end poor up in and jail that's commit crime what's going on whether here it's a and father these kids or are a grandfather angry they're or frustrated a member of the clergy they or sometimes have a no coach male or a role teacher they've model in got their nothing lives whether and they're really really angry and that's what's causing so many of our problems downstream whether it's crime whether it's dropouts it whether all stems it's from the the family ability and to it's totally get broken down the as kind I of pointed skills out. it takes to get Barack Obama a job was not in raised our digital with age a dad. He wrote a book about it called dreams single of my mother father teenage about who his nags. got impregnated Jesse Jackson's mom by was this married a man single who lived next was door and a Jackie Jackson was teased because in those days in South South Carolina where he was raised it was rare to be raised without a father. Al Sharpton had a nice Farrakhan's middle was class mother life until estranged his father from abandoned her the husband, family and had a boyfriend, then down to the hood he briefly went. took back Louis up with the husband, got pregnant with Louis and tried to abort him with a coat hanger. Now I mentioned this because these are four prominent so -called black leaders but racism, in America which racism, all racism of when whom either had racism no relationship with is their no fathers longer or a a major poor one issue yet in America. they rarely talk It will never about be it. completely They

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