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Sure they're actually her Xenia we had to believe that in the face of exhaustion and cynicism and division are got back not for a live on campus I am six forty more now with the release from people who report the helicopter crash that killed Kobe Bryant his young daughter and seven others one caller says he heard a boom then a dead sound this guy pointed out that if the pilot didn't have night vision he had to have had I. F. R. or instrument flight rules that were my head we can call out and then I heard a pop and it immediately stop another caller said he was hiking the trail in Calabasas last Sunday morning when he said he saw a helicopter crash into the side of a mountain weather reports indicated heavy fog that morning and the NTSB says it will determine if that was a factor in the cause of the crash Steve Gregory king a fine is the civil air patrol squadron at March air reserve base in riverside called up a schedule meeting because of the nearly two hundred people quarantined at the base over concerns about the new coronavirus machine a chain China he's the commander of the civil air patrol squadron says there's no threat to members help they're just being overly cautious sentences because public health department says two people from another country county who been diagnosed with the new coronavirus are in the hospital in San Francisco officials say the infected people do not pose and an elevated risk to the public therefore known cases of the new crown buyers the bay area to in Santa Clara county two in San Benito county the number of cases in the US up to eleven and I was Democratic Party been hearing him talk about says talkers results have been delayed because of quality checks some of the earliest results though the Iowa caucuses have come in from thousands of miles away in Glasgow Scotland Bernie Sanders when the most support in a small satellite caucus for Iowans living abroad Elizabeth one ended up with six and of the nineteen supporters bush does she got three what's going on the freeways angel it's a slow drive.

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