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Com Cabinet for 28 traffic and weather on the eight Stateville Time in the W T O P Traffic Center. So look at a time slow this afternoon. A lot of the slowdown in the highways were just related to the wet conditions. But we have plenty of crashes as well. In Virginia, on Interstate 95 north bound out of Quantico, we are jammed. It is an overturned truck passed exit. 1, 50 oil and transmission fluid spill Has Matt response blocks the right side, one left lane getting by that response toward done Freeze on 95. North bound north found 3 95 near the G W Parkway crash blocks the right side to left getting by south bound on 3 95 just that slow traffic we mentioned nothing reported blocking as far south as Fredericksburg, 66 westbound heavy on the three lanes stretch past Nutley Street that again slow between the Centerville Rams caller found a crash along the right side there on Berlin Turnpike and Love It's ville to 87 reported blocked by Loudon County authorities north of Purcell wrote. That's supposedly down trees blocking Berlin Turnpike outside of love. Phil Inter loop of the Beltway is slow has been most of the afternoon toward the Legion Bridge and River Road. No recent crashes on the Beltway in Maryland BW Parkway South bound past the New York Avenue ramp in toward Kenworth Avenue in D. C to 95 getting by what's turning into a longstanding crash in single file Fashion North Bound Parkway in 95, No recent types or slowdowns reported Between the two beltways. If you are traveling toward the Bay Bridge, just keep in mind. It's too wet for two way traffic, So you're going to be limited to Lane's eastbound BMC software in D. Lt Solutions are here to help federal agencies get the solutions they need. With this counted your end Offerings. Visit www dot d lt dot com Backslash BMC Solutions to Learn more Dave Tilden w T o P. TRAFFIC Let's get the storm team for four day forecast now Matt Ritter Well, the rain and drizzle will continue this evening. Cool and damp a temperatures in the upper sixties upper seventies overnight. The Raynald taper off Just some scattered showers in some drizzle, cool and damp, with lows in the mid sixties, too low seventies. Is and scattered showers and a few thunderstorms..

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