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Aren't they remarkable Dan Virginia they're trying to outdo New York and you can vacuum the child's brain out shortly after birth? Kennedy. Can't you do I mean really why would they stop at birth? Why would they this artificial deadline? This threshold what if weeks later, in fact, there was this woman, and we played the audio at the time, I'm British television and one of their morning shows. It was BBC or ITN or whatever it was. Now, they had this woman on who is really really really pro choice as Democrats like to describe their their habit their religious blood, right pro-choice. And she said she literally said that a mother should be allowed to smother the baby in the cradle up until the age of two if the mother changes her mind and decides she doesn't want to raise the child anymore. She said this and there were gasps from the two, and it was a woman from the two women anchors. They were they were slack jawed. Hang there is saying are you serious, and she was. She was dead serious. And when I say dead serious, I'm being literal. So we're gonna we're gonna get into some of that. And also to your calls where at eight eight eight six three zero nine six two five CNN lying today. Well, come on. I mean, that's kind of redundant isn't it CNN lying about their big camera Harris townhall meeting. They're lying about the numbers the ratings the viewers. They've sliced and diced and spun and shopped and misled and deceived on their ratings in an effort to make a point that nobody cares about which is pretty amazing that they were just so liberally and freely fabricate misrepresent deceive over whether they got good ratings on their little camera. Harris fluffer our. How Pauling Jake tapper right? The he was the designated fluffer on that point. And that that moment in time. Yeah. Great stuff. So they lied about that we'll get we'll get to that. But this this whole thing is crazy and the border. I went and I found this poll again because the news media buried this poll, but a remarkable poll that came out a couple of weeks ago that showed that ninety percent of Americans believed that the border is either a crisis or a problem a seventy nine percent. That's nearly eighty percent for those who are math challenge that that's nearly four out of five of us believe that the border is a problem or a crisis, and the majority of that seventy nine percent say it is in fact, a crisis. The news media has dropped that poll because it is inconvenient to the democratic party's efforts. Speaking of the Democratic Party. There was a lot of a lot of crazy. Lot of crazy going on out there with these people. The Santa Barbara City College discontinuing the pledge of allegiance because one member there. This is a and I use the term member advisedly said that it represents the pledge of allegiance represents white nationalism. White nationalism is what he said he objects the phrase one nation under God, also because their Satan worshipping, Oregon, harvesting blood drenched ghouls from hell that make Islamists. Look like the Red Cross the first amendment only protects freedom of speech and religion. It also expressly prohibits laws that establish religion. Thanks, bright. Boy, there's a as I actually I'm I'm embarrassed to say, I think at this moment. Anyway, I attended Santa Barbara City College. I went to center, I was a student at Santa Barbara City College. Let me say they have a really nice perch, and the people I won't specify gender. Very good looking and and good looking women. They're good looking women. There are a lot of good looking. But we'll we'll get to that. So they want to do. With the pledge of allegiance Democrats on Capitol Hill want to remove so help me God from the pledge that you take because now they don't worship anyone. But the party the party rules and all this, and the can you can you abort the baby up until the fourth trimester. Yes. Yes. You can during birth. What about moments after birth? Can you aborted it? Why stop? I mean. Honestly, why this silly artificial deadline of actually giving birth. Why if you're gonna if you're gonna kill it? You should be a little more elastic more a little more liberal with it. I think there and speaking of Democrats and they're insanity. And of course, the majority of the children will be minorities. We'll be Brown now be Brown and black babies that will be exterminated and the Democrats will harvest their organs, which they literally do I saw something recently where prolife person mentioned, and you harvest the organs and this shrieking old liberal woman said that's been debunked. I guess she watches MSNBC or she thinks it's been d. Debunked. Maybe she doesn't know what the word debunked means that seems to be the case an awful lot of the time. They don't know what the words mean they use the words, but they don't know what they mean. Here's a democrat. So you just some democrat side stories here because as these these are amazing, a Phoenix Arizona restaurant says that they have well, they have a photo on their wallet said picturing. They got pictures on the walls of the restaurant. It's a restaurant and they have a bar, and there's a picture on the walls. It looks like it's an eighty year old picture or something like that. And it's a group of coal miners at a bar and joying what appears to be bass ale. I don't where there might be from England. It might actually be from England and their coal miners and their southern clothing and their faces are covered in coal dust because their coal miners. And and there's one woman sitting there. She's not a coal miner. I know that because he can see her face in her clothes, and they're not all black group of men one. Two three four five six seven men who are coal miners and they're in a bar and they're covered with coal dust. Okay. Well, the piece was written by Russia. Thomas who's an opinion contributor at Arizona central. Now. This is a big newspaper, but they just call themselves. Arizona central now, which is foolish. They've stripped themselves of their own newspaper brand. He he writes who determines what is offensive the photo in downtown Phoenix restaurant raises a key question. Now, it raises a key question about your mental health. Rashad Rashad Thomas has some mental problems. He writes a few weeks ago, I attended a holiday party Christmas party. But a holiday party at a downtown Phoenix restaurant. I walked around to view, the photographs on the wall. He wanted to see if anything would offend him. And sure enough something did then a photograph caught my attention friends said it's coal miners at a pub after work because that's what it is. That's why the friend said that that's what it is. It was a photograph of coal miners with blackened faces at a pub after work. I asked a Latin x I love this. Remember, it's it's a Latina cts. What is it? This is Latin woman who doesn't recognize her gender or doesn't know what gender. She is. Or doesn't know whether she's a person on a planet in a solar system. They don't know anything anymore. It's it's she's Latina cts Latino Latina 'cause if few sneeze in Honduras, your H for a Latina cts Latina artists friends said it's called minor to pub- photograph miners were black. I asked a Latina and a white woman. See how he's look at. We look what he's built in here. He's ask any white men because white men have a lot of answers. I don't know if you've been walking on the moon and stuff we got bored with that in the nineteen seventies. We know a lot of things where Karen cancer things like that. You might want to ask I asked Latina that means the presumably Latin woman who is non binary gender confused, meaning completely screwed up in the head. So he asked somebody who is completely screw up and they had like him and a white woman. Why is there a race of the woman? Important. I want to know that you're because you're racist. Now. I remember, that's what Rashaad Thomas I asked a Latina cts and a white woman for their opinion. They said it looked like coal miners had a pub after work. Well, I don't know. It's a Latina 'cause you gotta take her. She's a woman you got to believe the women. I saw that in the papers awhile back, then that was all off that whole believing women thing that's all off. That was just for cabinet. We don't believe women anymore. Democrats. I've still where I've always been I've been like a normal person over here, then they stepped back. He typed frowned and said it's men in black face. He's no longer quoting them. There are no longer any Croatian marks. I asked the waitress to speak to the manager. Can you believe what a pain in the ass? This guy is what a petty tinpot racist. If she'd be wearing a pointed black hood instead, I spoke with a white restaurant owner. So instead of the manager you've got the owner and the identifies him by race because he's a racist. And all these seasons rice so much for Martin Luther King's vision of a world where you're judged by the content of your character, not the color of your skin. He's a racist. Right. He he's a bigot. And and that's plane for anyone to say, I explained to him why the photograph was offensive while you explain why it was offensive to you. And nobody else evidently someone else had made a similar comment about the photograph before there was one other mentally ill person who. Through yet. The photograph remained on the wall. He thinks that because he objects to a picture of coal miners that the picture of coal miners should be taken down because in his twisted, tortured, tormented victimized mind in his racist mind. This must be destroyed because they burn books. Now. They burn words one word at a time one phrase at a time it saves time. He said he would talk to the other owners and get back to me while leaving. I asked him if he had spoke with the other owners, I think he means to say spoken with the other is just an editorial writer at the newspaper there. He had not spoken with them. He corrected in the next sentence. But mentioned Google and said, it's coal miners after work. So he's look you're mentally ill. And the fact that the newspaper published this this insanity is really something. Then he asked the question. What determines what's offensive mummy? I got an answer to that question. Not you gang, not the most sensitive mental case. And Rashad Rashad Thomas needs help his friends need to intervene because he's unwell, and he's he could hurt himself or others really unconcerned for for me Rashad said, the coal miners disappeared, and the film honored for its are pissed merit despite being for the most racist propaganda film, ever w Griffiths birth of a nation. Nineteen fifteen surfaces in which white actors appear in black face. I gotta I gotta tell you about. You're you're really unwell. You're you're sick person. By the way, it was the liberal progressive democrat president Woodrow Wilson who is entombed in the National Cathedral. I should probably be removed. Who reintroduced the Ku Klux Klan to the United States of America by showing birth of a nation in the White House. It was the first film ever shown in the White House by the progressive democrat racists clan supporter, resurgence of the clan because of the democrat party Michael is shaking his head. There's more on the next line. This guy is something. The fact the fact he says the photograph shows coal miners faces covered in soot the context of the photograph is not the issue. It's not. Really the photograph. It's called he doesn't care whether they're call minors. You're you're mentally ill. And I also have you know, that the democrat party made you this way and you need to seek help. And and if you have any friends, which I doubt, I think your friends should intervene to try to save you from yourself. There is a TV show somewhere in the TV universe called empire. I don't think anybody's ever seen it. But there is an actor on empire. Who is a black guy. It's kind of a black cast TV show, mostly in black producer, and all that there's an actor there whose name is Jessie, not Jessie, but Jessie small it John was smaller jussie not Jesse smaller than jussie smollet. He has an amazing story to tell. He was in Chicago and terrible Trump supporting white racists attacked him recognizing him immediately, wrapped up in cold weather clothes in Chicago as the actor from this TV show, and they they knew that he was gay and they knew that he was gay and they attacked him. And you'll never believe. What happened next? In fact, let me say this again, you'll actually never believe what happened next because I don't wanna walk out a thin limbs here, but I think jussie smollet has a vivid imagination and has some mental problems too. And I'm going to get to that in a minute. But now people with mental problems go to the front of the line. I'm going to get to Jesse smell it in just a moment. He's a democrat. I'm just I don't know this for sure, but I bet every dollar ever made in my lifetime on this. You know with all the recent news about online security breaches, we've seen them.

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