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Says it signed a threeyear agreement to explore technology for marketing sales cloud computing and distribution strategies it helps do better incorporate digital technologies than platforms into his vehicle both ford's a relatively small player in china it has been focusing on expanding into the market to better compete globally it recently promised to roll up more than fifty new vehicles in china over the next eight years including fifteen powered by electricity the long list of moves that are part of hollywood sexual misconduct scandal is already leading to some changes within the industry the academy of motion pictures arts of saive's says it's adopted its first code of conduct his eight thousand four hundred twenty seven members in october the academy broke with tradition and made harvey weinstein just the second person ever expelled from the oscars governing body the new code stipulates the academy is no place for people who abuse their status power or influence in a manner that violate standards of decency the academy's board may now suspend or expel those who violate the code or who compromised the integrity of the academy the standards of conduct were drafted by a task force launched by the academy in october it was formed after weinstein was accused by dozens of women of sexual harassment and abuse winds in won an academy award for 1998 shakespeare in love has denied all allegations of nonconsensual sex hudson told members of more details of the process by which offending members will be judged will be announced later the czech is in the mail a p music correspondent margins are a letter reports that from the former radio dj who was ordered to pay one dollar to taylor swift for groping heard of meat and gracious lady david miller gave a letter to the associated press showing he set taylor swift her sakaguchi a dollar a when we listen to the radio we never agree on the station classic rock hip pop guys quiet the one thing we do agree on we all want an awesome freephone that way we quits the.

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