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Here we go get Kevin Clarke from the ringer. You guys. I hope you know, each other. I didn't even ask it hits on if you liked each other or not. So this could get really awkward, right? No, we've known each other for years get along quite well. I don't wanna see for Robert. But I think we get along quite well. I'm pretty good faking. It. Good. Okay. Here we go eight questions or maybe more. I don't know might be nine rapid fire feel free to you know, doesn't have to be one word answer here. Little bit of explanation. Okay. So with all the quarterbacks who saw the foles news them picking up the option him opting out that could be one example, give me and we'll start with Kevin here. Give me the best quarterback. That's which is teams the best season coming up in two thousand nineteen. Going forward. I think there's gonna be some move route thinking about what it Cincinnati. Do. They buy any Dalton immediately that kind of thing today draft the guy I'm looking at Ryan tannehill. Because I know that he thinks the most likely guy who's position right now to be a starter who can move teams off. I think the dolphins might move away from him. And if that happens, I think he has I think it's more tools than we think if he can stay healthy. And I think that if he gets the right coach, I mean on the not going to happen. But you know, it Sean McVay ever got Ryan tannehill. I think we're looking at. It's pretty good Ryan panel, maybe four or five lock out. They'll be looking quarterback off season. Okay. I'm gonna go with teddy Bridgewater going to the long. Wow. So visits as Brian on situation and everything around the quarterback Jay Gruden gotten. A lot got a lot out of ties in south force. If they had something to do with that and Jaeger pretty good year house before he went down last year, I visited back stuff themselves position. So I'm gonna give you any Brits on her sewing the rest in my runner off would be if Nick foles lines up Jacksonville based on what around there as the fact that he Philippos there now and knows him and knows how to use those plus out of that might be another one to watch too. Okay. Give me the biggest free agent signing for this year. I'm gonna give you the jet signing Levy on bell Anton out how about that TV. Oh, I think it's yet. He has been loading up to try and get one of the past or if have cleared all this one of these teams set now that are way to find a pass rusher. And I'm not here to list. Ryan a lot of games on there. Deport departure forest being clowney. Frank clark. I think a lot of guys wind feeding fat. And so one guy who I I'm pretty Cyril biggest marketed Fowler. I think those damn and bell what we're price that you wind up with the jet. I think that the jets on bell written all over them. I think that there is a couple of things they look I I was gonna agree with Albert Zeta has like end up. Pag I think we might be some of you know, a couple of minutes of market and not resigned. I think that I think we've all forgotten about in down the consumer entirely possible that he changed teams and e could find a new home and be quite good. You guys are really good on the timing. Russell Wilson one year left on his deal recently reported that there were no discussions. We don't that doesn't necessarily mean. Anything give me Kevin a guess on what his guaranteed money is. And what are we looking to surpass one hundred million with Andrew luck guaranteed and that Ryan well in reset the market and Matt Ryan, if not in Iran, I think.

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