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It's usually it's usually like you said supposed to be more in the seventies would be week two for this movie. It was sixty seven. Well wait a minute. sixty sorry. sorry mark hill. Look it up. Sixty seven percent drop or sixty seven percent of what the first one was the ladder. Sixty seven percent of eighty million dollars. What we to mate all right versus eighty percent or whatever it normally make that big. I mean it went from eighty million bucks to forty seven million bucks or something or whatever it is but it wasn't. It was a bigger drop than the normal. And what she's saying. Is i should get the back end of what that drop. Was you know right now but the question is is how how applause written there's there i can't imagine maybe i can but i wasn't that built into the contract with a john berlin. Ski is her attorney. He's from kasowitz. Benson torres and i would imagine mark just based on how these movies work and how long they take a there was no thought of covert when these contracts drawn up. This was. This movie's actually been delayed because of kobe. Was supposed to come out. Middle of twenty twenty and they've pushed it trying to save their asses. So i think when these contracts were written there was no world in which you would ever drop a brand new marvel universe movie on a streamer. It's interesting though but everybody knows that you're going to be streaming at some point. There's been so much talk about whether in streaming wars just an interesting kind of a play and i wonder wrote the contract for off the dig into that as well because at some point that's there i would imagine that if disney is putting out what how much she made that. There's probably already some bad blood there because that as you will be gated this generally not something where you would wanna put it out. If it's somebody wanna work with going forward. So i had the kasowitz for Is known to play Roughened tumble and so maybe that. Maybe that's part of the reason. Why i because it sure sounds like that's something that you would want to have some kind of control over to streaming is it's not like streaming wasn't thought of and it's not like the disney has been making huge moves when it comes to straighten. Well think the at the time that these contracts were written when cova wasn't a consideration you would think you know six months down the line after theatrical release yes the movie will go onto a streaming service of some sort but. I don't think that there was at that time..

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