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You don't know what risks they have or how well they have tried to prevent coronavirus from entering their household. So you're putting your child at risk, she says. You may want to post a sign saying You're not giving out candy this year to avoid having strangers come to your door, she says. People really need to take this seriously to avoid. Another case spike like the one seen after spring graduation parties. Wendi Grossman, NewsRadio six End up o D. It is now 90 foreign. The death toll from Hurricane Zita is up to six that includes four people crushed by trees that fell on their homes. Storms crash ashore in Louisiana Wednesday afternoon, and it is now a tropical system. More than two million people remain without power, most of them in Georgia, where several schools remain closed this morning. Zone 904 hundreds of pro or median demonstrators taken to the streets outside Space six headquarters in California. They're upset that space axe has partnered with Armenia's long time rival Turkey. Basics, is launching a Turkish satellite aboard one of its Falcon nine rockets next month. An investigation underway this morning in the city of Miami after the theft of some very distinguished dogs. Miami police reporting three French Bulldogs valued at $60,000 each were stolen this week from the home along North West 10th Avenue. Nine guns were taken from the gun from that home, including two stun guns and about $20,000 worth of clothing. It's now 905 and Halloween's Tomorrow and, of course, the next big one Thanksgiving planning. For Thanksgiving in a pandemic. Well, smaller, maybe to the way they go, and you're not the only one. Millions of Americans are expected to carve out a scaled down Thanksgiving amid the pandemic. Kroger, the nation's largest grocery chain, says it's research shows 43% of shoppers plan to celebrate a smaller Thanksgiving with only their immediate household. Wal Mart says it will still carry plenty of whole turkeys. But we'll also have 30% more turkey breasts available for those who don't want to cook a whole bird. On the other hand, butter ball, which typically cell's 30% of America's 40 million Thanksgiving turkeys, says it's research shows 75% of consumers plan to gobble up Same size Turkey or a larger one than they did last year. That's a B C's Derek Dennis reporting. Christmas beer. It's happening well, a candy cane brew from Duclaw brewing companies in the works. Some of their hits in the past have included Fruity Pebbles, cereal and Skittles beer. This one is described as having notes of peppermint, vanilla and deep chocolate. Director. The company says that they're excited to turn the classic candy cane into something fun for adults. The dark beer will only be available for a limited time online mornings at 9 39 06. I'm Natalie Rodriguez back to you, Jimmy. All right. Thanks. Joe Bryant is basically vanquish the virus. How do you do that? I asked Karen Travers before his always talked about that many times. How About some other countries. What have they done? And what makes you think that the things that Joe Biden has proposed will work? We'll talk about that. Straight ahead to its 9 12 traffic in 9 10 6 10 w Y. O Day Working is hard enough. Getting your favorite podcasts shouldn't be Alexa play w Y o.

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