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I mean i guess you can apologize and no one is forced to forgive you correct but it does seem very weird that this was a thing that no one knew about and then i like he like one about it in a responsible way adler so dumb yeah yeah i mean people are like pissed off and the awards it's easy to lake especially on twitter your anger around by it you know but just like be matter what he allen yet only this guy link is like owning up to like the decision that he made explaining why he made the decision that he made and then donating his salary from this stupid movie of a fucking coney island and kate winslet to rain i'm sure that leg none of these people who are going after him i'm sure they've never went in seena woody allen movie never decade for one narrowly never seen any hall yeah never like you know witnessed anything made by an alleged sexual predator or a raft certainly is like everyone's so full share everyone is extremely full of shit and i think the sooner that we all admit freely that we are full of shit yeah why create better place i think that's what griffin newman kind of did god bless him he started it now woody allen just i'd like to see i just want to clarify a guess that his does his dumb comments about dumb harvey weinstein he clarified them to be like i wasn't actually defending him said when i when i said i felt sad for harvey weinstein i thought it was clear the meaning was because he is a sad sick man i was surprised it was treated differently lest there be any ambiguity this statement clarifies my intention and feelings yeah okay kwalik go back to your fucking grows like brown couch.

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