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From the KOMO twenty four seven news center. Jingle bell Ron still goes on for a little bit longer is Dylan mentioned started about eight o'clock this morning over six thousand participating all dressed up in costume as there is a costume contest. This is one of many events in downtown Seattle during the holiday season. In fact, it's so large Seattle is the number one jingle bell run in the country. In other reason, why it's popular with many because it's what's called a blooms day. Second seed qualifier for anyone seeking entry for next spring's. Blooms day events, Spokane which data van has always been referred to as the second. Biggest running events next to the Boston marathon police lacy investigating a fire that destroyed Jehovah witness kingdom hall early Friday, the fire the sixth incidents since March Thurston county sheriff's department saying local church members are on the edge and worried about these attacks makes you feel really ill about somebody who has some sort of animosity towards any religion. Or haven't been any injuries in that? I fire or the previous events. Federal investigators warning though just a matter of time unless they get a suspect. The city of seatac city hall and community in mourning after the tragic death of a newly-appointed seatac city council woman Amina amid an advocate for immigrant and refugee rights died in a car crash this weekend. Komo's Patrick Quinn. Talked with her friends were coping with a sudden and tragic news to an official. They were in the middle of planning a meet meet-and-greet as a newly elected city council member. That's when they got the news that their former boss, and friend is gone. She's. Just hours after her death. Her friends, remember Amina Ahmed woman. Advocate, and that's why I am who I am today. Steps. Other follow around one o'clock amino was killed in a head on collision on south one eighty eighth street in seatac Amina lived in south King County for the last twenty years as an immigrant. Choose a voice for immigrants and refugee rights. And in October was appointed to the seatac city council. People come to say why you want to organize all this. She's like, we all have equal rights. Together. Her loss is resonating to the city. She had such big plans for and yet while gone Amina Ahmed impact continue to live on. Komo news. Time is ten. Oh, eight police continue investigation of that fight that broke out at a Lynnwood bar video the scene posted a website, komonews dot com. This the homeless county sheriff's office saying a group of alleged white supremacists. Walked into the rec room bar and attacked the disc jockey at the time witnesses tell us the group was yelling racial slurs at the DJ who is African American. Then suddenly a fight broke out at one point they figured twenty people were involved in the brawl the DJ was taken to a hospital at non serious injuries. Police arrested eight for suspicion of militias harassment and assault. Komo news. Time is ten. Oh, nine so. Yeah. Families neighborhood hanging Christmas lights as soon as Halloween is over trees already decorated Garland's all over the yard and twinkling lights. And there you are you still need to get motivated. Well, this might be that motivation. It looks like that we've. Got details of some data from get century link who decided to look at every state nationwide including Hawaii and Alaska to determine who has the most Christmas spirit to determine which US states have the most Christmas spirit. They looked at online activity like Google searches for.

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