Joe Biden, Chicago, President Trump discussed on Howie Carr


Trouble yourselves. It's time for the how a car show getting ahead of the president here. He's very discouraged by the violence that he's seen in Chicago. It's why he sent a very strong letter Tio Mayor Lightfoot offering help because she's clearly unable to control her streets. At least 15 people outside of funeral home were wounded. In the latest gun violence to hit Chicago. A black vehicle began firing at Attendees of a funeral. At that time, the attendees of the funeral exchanged gunfire war that escalated quickly. I mean, that really got out of hand. Fast love from the Matthews Brothers Studios. 40 million people are stuck at home if they're depressed if they're demoralized if they've given up hope that's how we wake up with a president Joe Biden. Damage and devastation that would produce for the country is enormous. I guarantee you the week after the election, everything's magically better go backto work. Go back to school. Suddenly the problems are solved. You won't even have to wait for Biden to be sworn in those your captain. How a continuing tragically to find ourselves of this Rick over nine, including 830 Wisconsinites over 99 You don't understand. This isn't plans one through eight from outer space. This's called 91 that weren't why do you wear the mask? So you don't make somebody else sick? What What's with this guy? That's our time. Okay? I'm shamed Adam Stoppable. If you have an agreement with over it, doesn't we have an agreement over a dozen major lenders? 113 789 100,709 cases to make public safety, public safe spaces. Say, Fred, what a maroon! What an ignorant swabs, hacks and Moon bats everywhere. It's how a car Joe Biden. Came up with a new virus Today Cove it nine. You know, they're they're messing around with trying to come up with a vaccination. To combat Cove it 19. We already have. A cure for covert nine love potion. That it's gonna work. It's gonna work. Right? This bloodshed must end. That's what the president of the United States said. It is a press conference about an hour and 1/2 ago, and there was a bit was pretty effective. I thought and they're bringing in there going toe send in. Ah, send in federal agents from various Branches of Ah law enforcement to what toe work with the local authorities. I don't see I don't see how the the blue mayor's can really turn it down. I mean, Joe Biden was calling them peaceful protesters in Portland. That's not what I see in Portland, Oregon. And in Chicago. It's just it really is just out of control. How can how can the the Be the mayor turned it down the No. She hates the ahead of the police union, but I mean, he was just saying that She's lost total control of the city that she's And she has she has. She's in a beef with this alderman. This game. Mexican American Alderman Lopez and his his house was vandalized the other day by gangs because he's been speaking out against the gang violence and Her police department apparently can't defend. It. Can't defend in Alderman's house. How bad is it? Time now for the chump line,.

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