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And now for some related links. I if you haven't read the politico piece. There's a link at our website marketplace tech dot org. Google of course responded and there's a link to their blog post on the topic to the too long didn't read version of that post is that google says you know case closed. Commission's decision was unanimous and bipartisan. The post suggested that impact. Google's competition and especially microsoft. We're the biggest drivers behind the push to sue the company. We asked the ftc for a response. The agency refused to comment. But it pointed us to thursday's and i trust hearing in which obviously that politico article did come up both ftc. Rebecca slaughter a democrat and republican. Commissioner noah phillips said that although that decision predated their terms the agency is moving toward a posture. That's less worried about over enforcement and more worried about under enforcement and that's why you're seeing more activity in lawsuits these days. Commissioner slaughter said the ftc. Yes needs to look back at what might have done wrong and moving forward would need to quote bring hard cases even if it wasn't sure it could win. There was as you might imagine. Partisan disputes among lawmakers. About what the remedy should be for dealing with big tax democrats primarily talked about existing and trust law and monopoly power and whether companies were improperly using the monopoly power to push out competition republicans. Pretty much only wanted to talk about section two thirty and the perceived censorship of conservative voices. The republican commissioner phillips responded that antitrust and consumer protection are the ftc's job and that content moderation is not and is not an antitrust issue and by the way most analysis has shown over and over that conservative. voices are not being censored on social media. Although deliberate missing disinformation and hate speech increasingly have been so one does start to wonder just what these republicans are arguing that they'd like to see more of on facebook. A sous alvarado stephanie. Using michael lipkin produced the show. Our engineers i robin and becca wineman. I'm molly would and that's marketplace tech this this marketplace podcast is supported by uber for business finding simple and effective ways to keep employees engaged in customers. Happy is always top of mind for business owners and managers and this can be challenging when face to face. Interaction is limited. That's why there's uber's platform designed specifically for business. Batches from uber are simple to send and redeem for employees or customers companies can sign up for free immediately start delivering extra value to the people who matter most to their business. Buber for businesses offering companies a fifty dollar voucher credit. When you spend your first two hundred dollars vouchers. Go to uber. Dot com slash. Apm to learn more and get your fifty dollar voucher. credit terms and conditions apply..

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