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The players union was asked to vote for the two thousand seventeen teaming of the year oh yes and guess it the knicks voted as the team made by by the way it should be noted capper nic one that award for the niners and yet nobody will come out and defend him as a player of the play that whole other player awards i hear this stuff all the time i you know they're anonymous fiercely so they're all voting carmelo as their favorite me yes and the senate quotes were that he kept us together you would never tell that something was going on you is we have common collect dan i mean there is something to be that we looked for leftists because we are wondering about obama said he and has really helping at it'd be westbrook but it was actually nick collison and from the thunder weights tells me great things about westbrook because the two may have matching halloween pass seems mary fastening their friends he threatening people in these guys create teammate resided in west them tonight pay as name don't had on pick nba i don't have a clue la who and my products without young there have them what did this teams gonna win fifty eight games to go a bunch of games under the next all the thunder the un's budget games absolutely be second or third yeah i mean they're going to any regular season you can score your way to fifty five wins with that kind town those are those are talented second or third is accurate christy lose well that's the news and thanks for stabbing occurred lie tony gonzales last hour by the by the way the let let me to a a college football i want to do this quickly.

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