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You know, they brought back even I don't even know half the characters are in there in the second one. On the other hand things like that tracked me because I'm in a baroque kind of way, you know, what I mean? I want you wanna find out. Why it how it got so bad? Yeah. Actually now, I'm sort of a tracked into it myself. Maybe I'll check it. Brian Doyle Murray features more prominently in that one Bryant Bryant he was a big SNL cash member for quite a while. It wasn't bad compared to the people know. But anyway. I got a bunch of before I give you the rain songs 'cause you just explain quickly for me. And for the people. We'll look at fuse about Facebook live. Can you only watch that while you're actually on Facebook live, or is it like a podcast where you can pick it up later. Well, what I do is. I it goes live and then share and if I share it kinda stays on the page. All right. So how do you know when you're on their lives? Signed up for something. Or is there a way to get? No, it's right there. You know, what you gotta look it up on the computer and have them walk you through it to toil. It'd be too complicated for me. But the in the upper in one of the screens, the main screen, I guess, there's a little an upper left is a red arrow with which is it. But you should just look up. Look it up online Google it as they say because I want you to I still things live in. They send me, you know, put up a notification that so read show is one guy going to be live music people. Or? If you follow me, you will get a notification when I'm live. All right. Well. Double check. I will follow him wherever he may go a little much. I do I remember. Just want to give you a guy on YouTube. I think you'd really like, okay. Name is. The A T T O, Rick beatiful. Okay. Check them out. No. But he's so informative. So knowledgeable about recording and music and bands and plays a wonderful Pierre. He's just is a musician's musician. But he says things really, you know, easy to understand way. Rick beato. Okay. Got to all right. And I have a bunch of rain. So I don't know how many of these skinny three. Okay. 'cause I got about ten, but all right. The rain in Spain stays mainly on the plains song. That was my question is the title or is the title of different title. But that right there some people say to practice their diction, but maybe it's too. What else? Yep. In a might as well rain until September. Eleventh Carole king, buddy. Holly renting him a hawk good men. Thanks. Appreciate it. I have well Priscilla may need more time. We could just hold her over. Hello priscilla. Hi, how you doing? Julia show at Sabio is what I'm calling about in the seventies. I.

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