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Just saying just a second. Sorry we got a. We got. Gloser show. We, we've pulled back the curtain, I should say, we even pull back the curtain on commercials that you just heard. No. Did you guys just hear the Plunkett? Lexi, we were dying. Dying because audience, mytalkers, just so, you know, Don and I can talk to each other the trying to fix this, so that all three of us can talk to each other. I'm in another studio. But dawn, I had the ability to talk to each other and the commercial breaks unfortunate off air but Alexis Alexis unfortunately can't. So while Alexis. Talked to her, and I can talk to Jason but they can't talk to. So while Alexis is doing Plunkett pest control. Truth be told usually during commercial breaks, I turn the speakers down and I close my eyes and I just kind of relax. But for whatever. For whatever reason I had the volume up, and this is what I hear, you know, don't turn those rows roaches to have in your house. Hell this in your home. They get Randy and make other pets. They're going to get Randy. And they're gonna make other pests some like all my goodness. What did she say? So I turn the volume up. I'm like, I got to hear this, and I said the dawn, I turn my mic up dawn, what the hell. And we're just dying. Oh. Hold on. I'm gonna get some be sound effects. Oh, swirl this or. Wasn't a background Coon? Okay. Is this Roach mating season? Nice warm place in your house. You know, have access to water and food and each other said, don't allow. The moral issue. Don't you allow you good church going?.

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