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Well i'm gonna i don't think the aggies when they when rosen scored thirty six straight points in hey listen the jewish quarterback scoring that's right they they thought he was the devil of course their defense had the greatest collapse of all time but i for some reason we we are now days into this and you keep missing my point my point is it may be that there's only been two prominent jewish quarterback it may be right my point is it seems like a ridiculous thing to status fact when i have no idea how anyone would know the religion of quarterbacks for the better part of thirty five years that's all i'm saying that i have no idea and i'm nerve nfl nerd i have no idea tomorrow anyone's really i don't know any players religious i'll investigators say dak prescott you're saying he's jewish nope nope not saying you identify what it's religion is that prescott i don't know that's my shawn watson that's my point aaron rodgers i have no idea patrick mahomes isn't aaron rodgers with danika patrick yes he is okay there you go that's your religion of love right dr right guard that is my point see you can't there's no way to to constantly make this this fact that there hasn't been a jewish quarterback when i'm questioning how anyone would know for thirty years the religion of the quarterback todd and don show chad good morning god hey guys i love the show but i need to lay off this cop he was alone and taking there's fire going on and maybe at best one percent of you and your audience can tell me what actually be wonder if i have no idea all but the ball was dropped well before him and no you don't have no idea that's what i just said this when he said that's what i just said shit i have no idea how i would react i've never been in that situation i is possibly going to commit suicide alone in you guys and the rest of the media capri pru the problem how's that by.

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