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What does this podium say about. Maverick's current situation at yamaha. If you remember after the german gp last weekend maverick complained. That yamaha wasn't focusing on him. He even toss out the words lack of respect in helping him figure out the issues with the bike. And remember that. We're gonna come back to that in a moment and then as either a knee jerk reaction or is kinda barb toward yamaha. He vowed coming into asan that he was only going to use fabio coiro settings he was gonna use fabulous setup all weekend. Long if bob you made a change he was gonna now whether he did that. One hundred percent or not is a little bit unclear but at the very least he did start the weekend with the same exact setup. Fabio quarrel them. What happened well. Basing his bike on fabulous bike he went out and qualified on the pole convincingly setting a track record in the process then he finished a very comfortable second despite his poor start so considering that considering that with his setup in germany he finished dead last of the bikes that were running and then either seriously tongue in cheek one way or the other adopts all of fabio settings qualified on the pole with the track record and finish his second. Maybe i'm way off base here and you can tell me if i am but is that not at least a little bit of an indictment of mavericks ability to get his own settings right. I mean it's at the very least more so than it is on yamaha's lack of respect or concern for maverick. I mean it's not really rocket science here. If the maverick maverick only bike couldn't get on the podium. Ever since the first race of the season qatar and the fabio settings get him on the podium immediately and in the meantime fabio has continuously been on or near the podium or fast enough to be on or near the podium. Even when there have been problems then maybe the issue here may not have been with the bike. Nearly as much as it's been suggested by the knowle's all along. I'm just throwing that out there and like i said if i'm off base definitely let me know on facebook or on. Read it but that's what it looks like to me. I mean if he truly was using fabio settings then his results seem to point the finger. More to maverick to being the week. Lincoln the chain here then yamaha or the bike that they're giving him and that's only the first part of this discussion. That's not even the mention. The situation that happened after the race which was even more fascinating. We're maverick looked thoroughly displeased. Despite being on the podium. I mean as soon as he got his helmet off in park for may. He shrugged his shoulders. Multiple times shook his head in some sort of discussion with massimo mira gallet. Then he really didn't interact at all with fabio coach harare either impact for may or on the podium and he hardly participated at all in the champagne celebration and listen. I get that. He's unhappy right now and because of that. This result may not have cleared anything for him. In fact it might have confused even more and let's face it. He's got one foot out the door if not literally put out the door like he's heading to aprilia which i think there's a very good chance of it then mentally. He's got one foot out the door. He's kind of decided. His time is over with yamaha no matter how long that time lasts and so even good result isn't necessarily going to do much for him however i wanna go back to that comment that he made after germany when it comes to respect and if maverick wants to sit there after a race and talk about respect that's fine. He does not need respect yamaha and he doesn't need to respect any of its competitors or is team that is not required however he does need to have respect for his team. They gave him a bike capable of sitting on the pole which he did setting a track record which he did and potentially winning the race had he gotten off to a better start one way or the other. They definitely gave him a bike that he was able to put on the podium. He owes it to them. Knocked to act like he did in park for may or on the podium. He owes it to them to show appreciation and allow them to celebrate their accomplishment. Even if he doesn't feel like celebrating his accomplishment if he doesn't care that's fine but he should pretend like he cares out of respect for his team not affords manufacturer not for massimo mira gallet not proverbial quattro or anybody else in the world but his team if he wants to sit there after germany and talk about respect he needs to show respect to that number twelve team even lorenzo celebrated with do coty when he knew that takada was looking for an excuse to boot them out the door and he probably would have done the same thing with honda. He of course not been so thoroughly terrible. If lorenzo would have gotten on the pudding with honda i firmly believe he would have celebrated wholeheartedly with the team even though he was one hundred percent certain he didn't want to get back on that pike anymore and the only reason that i'm kind of getting down on maverick and criticizing maverick is because he's the one who brought this topic up and i don't think it's fair to point the finger at yamaha and say those guys aren't respecting me if he's going to finally get back on the podium and you know. The team was super excited that he was able to get back up on the podium again in stand there looking like his dog just died or something like that and you know. I don't want to stray too far off the topic here. And we'll talk about this more on the full show later on in the week especially after i've had a chance to look at some of your comments and find out if maybe i am way off base with my interpretation but you add up everything that we saw and heard here before and after the race and i'm setting the odds at about seventy five percent. That maverick is gone from yamaha. In two thousand twenty two if he can make a deal with apprecia- happen at all. And i'll also say to really be careful what you wish for because what we saw this weekend may very well be a glimpse into your own future. If things don't get off to a fast start next season there could in the end be some dove regret in the appropriate camp. I think is what i'm trying to say. I'm even further off topic. What a difference a year makes for a provia not even a year. I mean nine months ago they literally couldn't find anybody willing to take their vacant seat. That's why lorenzo salvadore has it right now then just a few months down the road. It looks like they're gonna have their choice between maverick than y'all as and andrea also and who knows who else they might be considering so they've done a phenomenal job of turning that program around just think about the fact that they went to multiple motoo writers who all told them to go pound sand and now they get to choose between two of the most prominent riders in the paddock. Over the past. Couple of years it's crazy. I'm art so getting back on track. A beyond all of this yamaha drama. That was playing out both on and off track hiding in that massive yamaha shadow. There was sunday afternoon. Joann mir who fled outraced like his life depended on it in this one. He started tenth. He had to fight by some incredibly difficult riders to pass like johann zarco and jack miller who by the way. He apologized for racing. Jack miller kinda rough in this race but he fought his way onto the podium. In what i absolutely think was his best effort of the season and one of his best has ever even though he didn't win it if he fights like that once he managed to qualify somewhere on the front two rows. He's gonna be a really difficult writer to beat. He definitely looked like a defending champion this race and now the only thing left is to start qualifying like one but i was really really impressed with zhou. Amir's effort in this one. He really looked like he wanted it. And that's how he's going to have to raise for the rest of the season if he wants to be able to try to compete with fabio coiro as fast as fabio is right. Now i'm a couple of other writers. I want to briefly mention in this race. Johann zarco suga off his less than stellar german. Gp with another strong fourth place result. And he's the only rider showing real consistency in the fight with fabio. He just needs to go out and win a couple of races now. Miguel oliveira may not have one like. I thought he might before the weekend. But fifth-place was still an excellent result in a difficult race especially since we got a little beat up on the start of this one and drop toward the back of the top ten. A petco bagai without the track limits. Thing he very likely would have been forth in this one. I don't know that he would have been able to hold off. Show mirror although we would have done a hell of a job. But i think ultimately he would lost out and been fourth. I wasn't expecting him to lead the race and look so strong..

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