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Have that connect unit as a separate thermometer that also use the same app. It has all the same technology all the same recipes. Everything loaded in To it, And you can use it with your gas grill your charcoal grill. Whatever girl you have, it will do the exact same thing. The only difference is with the smoke fire. You can actually control the grill itself from your phone as well. So if you're smoking something, the 2 50 You want to turn the temperature up to 400 degrees or whatever. You can do that with your phone. You can shut the girl down. Check the internal temperature of your food. Look up some funding recipes from Weber. So that's called the Weber Connect grilling hub. And you have one of those two. I think, Dean, right? I heard you talk about that, but yeah, I do. I was using it at home. On my genesis at home because I dig the, uh and I'd like million of you. I like knowing the temperature of I like to know when I'm when I should go back outside to take things off again. It gives me exactly the perfect temperature. You are grilling chunky. All right, so the same way. Yeah. So here for the Fourth of July. I wanted to what? I'm going a couple of things I'm going to do on the grill on TV this coming Wednesday. I wanted to do a chicken on the grill. Now should I? Should I use just my regular genesis, or should I fire up the smoke fire for that? Oh, that's a good question, Dean. I think it's really kind of up to what sort of slavery you're looking for. You know, Obviously we know with a Weber Gas grill, you're going to get good roast and flavor. It's going to be a fantastic chicken. But what's nice about the smoke fire is since it is using those hardwood pellets to actually fuel the grill, you're going to get some really nice smoke flavor in there as well. So if you're looking for more of like a smoked chicken, you could put it on the smoke fire at the lower temp, you know, to 75 something like that 300 degrees. But if you if you wanted To get you know Still some more wood flavor, but not necessarily a smoked chicken. You can set your smoke fired 353 175 degrees and do more of a high temperature roasting. Now what I've done what kind of able to do goal When I've done chickens on the grill before I've done the beer cans style. Oh, yeah, yeah. You know, you can just put the beer can up the chickens, but pretty much and let it go. I put it on on vertical roasters. Just you know, like regular vertical roasters. Also when they come out great, because they sort of self baste the chicken and I've done them Greek style I've done on BBQ I've done like teriyaki style of done that, you know. Is that a good idea? Yeah, I love doing that. And what's fun? Like you said. You can use different rubs that only can you use the different seasonings. You can also use different liquids in there. Um, I used the Weber poultry roaster. We have a few different ones. But there's a fun one. It's called the deluxe poultry roaster, and you set the chicken on there. There's no can involve there just a little reservoir and kind of put whatever liquid you want in there. Um, sometimes I'll use like an or sisters or a lemonade. Or if I'm going to use a beer with a little flavor I'll use, you know, throw a summer shandy in there for a little Citrus flavor, So there's a lot of the Three things you can do to kind of make the recipe your own, And that's what I love about it. Okay, So what about I've had I did a pesto pasta this past week on TV because people have been saying they want me to do vegetarian stuff. You know, A lot of people are not eating meat. What's what's something good vegetarian to do on the grill? Well, whenever I have, you know, somebody who I know has dietary restrictions or vegetarian or vegan. You know, I'll try to Italian that recipe with whatever else I'm also cooking because I hate for a guest who is eating something a little differently from everyone else at the party, right, feels excluded or feel like they're not getting to enjoy what everyone else is having. So what am I go twos or something like that? I love making marinated Greek chicken kebabs. It's one of my favorite things to grill. Um, you know, you can ask my friends and family I kind of I don't lean out. But I I trust me. I love doing it. I'll just fill the grill up with them, and they're so good, but I like to do with that is all use the same Marinate I make and I'll just do a bunch of vegetables. I'll get some firm tofu. I'll marinate the tofu as well. And what I try to do is make my you know tofu and the marinated vegetable kebabs. Look just as similar to the Greek chicken kabob. So you know my vegetarian reviewing friends can be comfortable. They know that I serve something that is safe for them, but they also feel like they're part of the party. You know, that's that's a great idea to have something that was just similar to whatever your main entree is also talk. Talk to me about a dessert on the grill. I made Couple of weeks ago on TV, we made a strawberry rhubarb cobbler on the grill. It was delicious. I made one last night. I made one again. I'm the same one last night. Same thing except a little bigger. It was right. It was really good better because you want to have some leftovers. Uh, for this What's a good dessert to do on the grill in Doug's world? Well, I'll be honesty. You really aren't limited too much. I mean, whatever dessert you feel like cooking in the oven, especially during the hot summers. When it's 90 degrees out. We're pushing 100 degrees always to do everything on the grill and whether used in the Weber gas Grill or the smoke fire. The girls cooks so evenly and they hold the temperature so well, you can really do anything on there. So that includes deserts, so give me and I want to give me one quick example. Because I got about 30 seconds left. Well, I love Doing a quick cake and get treated just like a normal cake. I love doing well doing cookies on there, but one of my favorite girl recipes. It's called the Banana boat, and you actually could have banana long ways and you stuff it with marshmallows and chocolate. You can put anything you want in there and you kind of roasted indirect for about a half hour until the banana turns black. It's going to be one of the best desserts you've ever had. That sounds fantastic. Doug Badger S K. K. R. Weber Check out check out all the different grills at Ace.

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