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And she was asked If it's time to replace Pelosi and Schumer. Whoa! Isn't this grounds, though, to take a stand and say No, I'm sorry. Nancy Pelosi should not be the speaker and Chuck Schumer should not be the leader. Well, you know, I do think that we need new leadership in the Democratic Party, and I think one of the things that I have struggled with. I think that a lot of people struggle with Is the internal dynamics of the house. Has made it such that There's very little option for succession. If you will. Someone a little heat at Pelosi and Schumer's still sword. Pelosi forgetting the name of the green new Deal wrong. Remember that Pelosi goes. Oh, yeah. The green dream or whatever. It's been calling. Yeah, roll their eyes when she said that was, you know that was a OSI's whole deal. And bolos. You just gotta Oh, yeah, the green dream or Yeah, right. Could hear rolling her eyes when she said it. I have been looking forward to this upcoming year for a lot of reasons and one of them. I'm not gonna live is watching the little infighting taking place within the Democrats. This is gonna be a fun year. Now, while I was gone while I was down in the sticks doing Rocky, top Tennessee stuff. Unfortunately, we had a bill bar updates so t K Dub. Can I get the bill bar music? I love Bill Boy, Donald Trump's right hand guy. His his well. Quote.

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