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You can see what a unique person an individual he is and why he lasted as long on television as he did because nobody Nobody did it the way that Kenny Mayne did. Alright, We're coming off a week, in which Friday I posted a video that Again. Some people question I throw is kind of odd. Don't have anybody ever saw it. I posted on my Twitter feed My instagram page Facebook. My daughter at field day she was doing some hurdles. She got over the first hurdle. Went to go jump over. The second hurdle is taping the whole thing and went flat on her face, but got right back up and finished and so We were looking at the video her me my wife and we all to my daughter's credit, were laughing about it. It was very funny. I said to my daughter, Dylan. Would you like to post this on social media? She loved the idea that she edited the video, she said. Here you go. Dad posted We posted it and what happens? First of all people notice that people outside wear a mask, which they didn't like a story for another day, and that I posted the video. Do you really think I would have posted that video without my daughter being a part of it that I would shame her publicly? It's just so funny when something gets posted in the public forum these days. That people have the reactions they do that's on a public front on a private front Saturday night. Having some dinner with family. Got a text from a former colleague at the Rocky Mountain News. Who now is that the Las Vegas review Journal Man by the name of Norm Clark. He's the gossip columnist. Out Las Vegas and Here's the great thing I got hired. By the Rocky Mountain News in September of 1990 moved out to Colorado at the age of 23 didn't really know anybody went to work out there and one of the stories that they had me work on was Colorado is trying to get a baseball team and Norm Clark, my friend, Norm Clark. Was the guy that was leading the search to get that story, enormous struggling and They assigned me to help him and at one point I gave him the contact of the guy that turned out to be the source that told Norm that Colorado was getting a baseball team. And Norm got to break the story and he texted me unsolicited Saturday night 8 45, and this was the exact text that came in. 30 years ago. Today, the biggest story of my career. June 5th 1991, The Rocky Mountain News Big thanks to Rocky Mountain News sports editor Barry for Bus For a solid guidance. He loaned me a young new reporter that day. A kid named Adam Schefter who helped free me up at a critical time. Thank you, Adam. When I got that text, it took me back 30 years. And right then and there. I saw What a big story could do The effects it could have. That story for Norm. Changed his career change his life. He loved it. He still remembers it to this day, so much so that he texted me a picture of him holding up the Rocky Mountain News with the headline. It's Denver, Miami. Look for the two cities that were awarded baseball teams in the came 30 years ago. Last week, which is incredible. A norm told me later in the text that night, he said, Um I was a month away from 49 years old at the time, which Basically, he's Five years younger than I am now celebrated that in height with Sherry Vasquez, a woman he was dating Champagne and French dinner, one of the highest of highs, probably a tie with Britney Spears quickie wedding for biggest stories, Britney was bigger from a global recognition. The high from that story was a catalyst for going to Vegas. I wanted stories that would equal or top the high of June 5th 1991 new. I'd be able to repeat it in Vegas, perfect time and place and he's doing a book now, anyway, on and on from there, But, Norman, I'm my good friend. Are reminiscing about that. On Saturday night, 30 years goes quick and big stories always leave their mark. Or I want to thank Kenny Mayne for taking time this week to join us on the podcast. I want to thank my great producer Christina Bus Well, for putting up with me and putting this together and I.

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